Using the Screen Recorder on my Samsung device

Last Update date : Feb 25. 2021

Screen recorder is a new feature to allow you to make a screen recording video easily without having to download any external applications. You can start screen recording by tapping the  icon in your Quick panel. After a 3 second countdown, your recording will start.

Follow the below guide to learn how to use Screen Recorder on your Galaxy device.

Please Note: This guide is designed for Australian variant Galaxy devices, if you have an international device and require further support click here to get in touch with your Samsung Subsidiary. This setting available may vary depending on your Galaxy device and Android OS Version.


Currently this settings is only available on selected devices operating on Android OS Verion 10.0 (Q), to view the full list of compatible devices check out our drop down menu called Supported Devices.

Prior to following the below guide, ensure that your Galaxy device is operating on the most latest software version. Check out our guide Check for Software updates on Samsung Phones for more information. To view what Android Version your Galaxy phone can be upgraded to click here.

Accessing Screen Recorder
1 Swipe down to access your Quick Panel and select Screen Recorder.
Tap on Screen recorder in Quick Settings
2 Choose your preferred Sound settings then tap on Start recording
Select preferred sound settings then tap on Start recording
3 Choose your preferred Sound settings then tap on Start recording
4 Choose between a range of options at the top of the screen to add in your Screen Recording. When your ready to stop the video simply tap the Stop icon button.
Using Screen Recording function

 Allows you to write or draw on the screen - you can choose up to 8 different colours to decorate your recording.

 Will enable or disable the Picture-in-Picture feature (PiP) to record the screen with a video overlay of yourself.

 When you are finished recording the video, tap the Stop button.

Customising the Screen Recorder settings

Using your Quick Settings

1 Swipe down the screen to access your Quick Settings and tap on the word Screen Recorder
Tap on Screen Recorder
2 Select your preferred Sound and Video quality, once complete tap on Done
Select your preferred sound and video quality settings.

Using your Advanced Settings

1 Head into your Settings > Advanced Features
Head into your Settings > Advanced Features
2 Select Screenshots and screen recorder
Select Screenshots and screen recorder
3 Tap on Screen recorder settings
Tap on Screen recorder settings
4 Select between the Sound, Video quality and Selfie video size options.
Customising Screen recorder settings

Please Note: Selfie video size supports 5 levels of the selfie size (※ Selfie video is only for the front camera)

Locate Screen Recordings in My Files app
1 Launch the My Files app icon My Files app
Launch the My Files app
2 Tap on Videos
Select Videos
3 Select Screen Recordings
Tap on Screen Recordings Folder
4 You will then be able to view all saved screen recordings on your Galaxy Phone or Tablet
Viewing saved screen recordings
Transfer Screen Recordings to SD Card
1 Launch the My Files app icon My Files app
Launch the My Files app
2 Tap on Videos
tap on Videos
3 Locate and select the Screen Recordings folder
Select the Screen Recordings Folder
4 Long press the Screen Recording video to select
Long press screen recording video to select
5 Choose between Move or Copy
Tap on Copy or Move
6 Press Arrow icon to go back to the My Files main page
Select the arrow button to go back a page
7 Tap on SD Card
Tap on SD Card
8 Select the folder you would like to move the Screen Recording to
Tap on Folder to save screen recording to
9 When you are happy with the file path of your Screen Recording, tap Copy here or Move here
Tap on Move here
10 Once the transfer is complete, you will be able to view your Screen Recording video on your SD Card
Once the transfer is complete, you will be able to view your Screen Recording video on your SD Card
Supported Devices

Galaxy Tab

  • Galaxy Tab S4 - SM-T830 / SM-T835
  • Galaxy Tab Active Pro - SM-T540 / SM-T545
  • Galaxy Tab S5e - SM-T720 / SM-T725
  • Galaxy Tab S6 - SM-T860 / SM-T865
  • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - SM-P610 / SM-P615
  • Galaxy Tab S7 - SM-T875 / SM-T875
  • Galaxy Tab S7+ - SM-T970 / SM-T975 / SM-T976

Galaxy Note Series

  • Galaxy Note9 - SM-N960
  • Galaxy Note10 - SM-N970
  • Galaxy Note10+ - SM-N975
  • Galaxy Note10+ 5G - SM-N976
  • Galaxy Note20 - SM-N980
  • Galaxy Note20 Ultra - SM-N985

Galaxy S Series

  • Galaxy S9 & S9+ - SM-G960 / SM-G965
  • Galaxy S10e - SM-G970
  • Galaxy S10 - SM-G973
  • Galaxy S10+ - SM-G975
  • Galaxy S10 5G - SM-G977
  • Galaxy S20 - SM-G980
  • Galaxy S20+ - SM-G985
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra - SM-G988
  • Galaxy S21 - SM-G991
  • Galaxy S21+ - SM-G996
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra - SM-G998

Galaxy Z Series

  • Galaxy Fold - SM-F900
  • Galaxy Z Flip - SM-F700
  • Galaxy Z Fold2 - SM-F916B

Galaxy A Series

  • Galaxy A70 - SM-A705
  • Galaxy A71 - SM-A715
  • Galaxy A50 - SM-A505
  • Galaxy A51 - SM-A515
  • Galaxy A90 5G - SM-A908

If you have tried the above steps and you are experiencing issues with the Screen Recording function, you can either reach out via Chat Support, Call us on 1300 362 603 or get in otuch with us through the Samsung Members app. If you would like to learn how to raise an error report through Samsung Members please check out our guide Using Samsung Members for more information..

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