Audio Delay on Samsung TVs

Last Update date : Dec 24. 2020

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Audio or sound delay on Samsung TVs is most commonly caused by the content or source of the audio and video. If you've downloaded a movie and are trying to play it on your TV; some of the audio delay may be because the audio is not synced correctly in the movie file. 


An easy way to determine if the TV has an audio delay problem is to unplug any external speakers from the TV and see how the audio performs on Free to Air channels or through an app like Youtube. If your TV shows no audio issues on Free to Air channels or Youtube - the problem lies with the content or source that you're trying to play. If you do experience audio delay on Free to Air channels or Youtube; there may be a problem with your TV. 

You can also try to reset the Sound Settings on your TV to see if that will help resolve the audio problem:


On newer Samsung TVs:

Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > Reset Sound


On older Samsung TVs:
MENU > Sound > Reset Sound > ENTER

How to Adjust the Audio Delay Settings:

If you're hearing an audio delay across all sources/channels and you have a Home Theatre System or other speakers connected to your TV, you can access the Audio Delay settings to increase the audio delay:

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2020 TU/Q/LS Model TVs:
1 Press the Home button on your TV remote control to bring up the Smart Hub and then select Gear cog Settings.
Samsung Smart Hub
2 Scroll down to the Speaker icon Sound tab and then select Expert Settings.
Sound Expert Settings.
3 Scroll down and select Digital Audio Output Delay.
Digital Audio Output Delay
4 You will now be on a page with a slider on it to increase or decrease the digital audio output.
Digital output audio delay slider.
2018 & 2019 NU/RU/Q/LS Model TVs:
1 Press the Home button on your TV remote control and then select Settings.
Samsung TV menu screen
2 Navigate to Sound and select Expert Settings from the centre menu list.
Samsung TV sound settings

On older Samsung TVs you're looking for SOUND > Additional Settings.

3 Select Audio Delay and press Enter. You will now be able to select a value between 0 - 300ms until the delay between picture and sound is resloved.
Samsung TV expert settings

Please Note: There are no settings that will resolve Bluetooth or wireless speaker audio sync issues. Streaming audio and video wirelessly may transmit data less quickly and can cause audio sync delays.

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