Using the Game Bar on your Samsung TV

Last Update date : Feb 28. 2024

Select TVs from 2021 - 2023 introduces the Game Bar which displays all of the information you need to monitor your gaming performance. Some of these include Input Lag, FPS (Frames Per Second), HDR (High Dynamic Range), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and Sound Output. The Game Bar provides easy-access for optimising gaming features so that gamers can enjoy various options for all gaming preferences.

Please Note: This function is available on selected 2021 - 2023 TV models. This guide is designed for Australian models only. If you have an international product and require further support, please click here to get in touch with your Samsung subsidiary.

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To start the Game Bar, all you need to do is enable Game Mode. Follow the guide below to learn how to enable Game Mode and access the Game Bar.

1 Press the Home button on your remote control and then head to Settings
Select Settings
2 Navigate to All Settings
Navigate to All Settings
3 Head to Connection and then Game Mode Settings
Choose Connections then Game Mode Settings
4 Here you can switch on Game Mode and view your Game Motion Plus Settings
Here you can view your Game Mode Settings
5 Now that Game Mode is on, simply press and hold the Play icon button on your Samsung Smart Remote to start the Game Bar
Game Mode Settings

Take a look at the features of the Game Bar and how you can get started with viewing and adjusting your game settings.

Game bar 2023 TV

Note: This was taken from a 2023 model TV. The image and settings on your TV may differ depending on the model of your TV.

1 Game Picture Mode

Specify the Game Picture Mode according to the current game genre. To customise the picture quality, select Custom.

2 Screen Ratio

You can change the screen ratio from 16:9 previous setting) to Ultra wide (21:9 or 32:9).
The Game Bar’s Screen Ratio can be changed only when the Ultra Wide resolution is supported in a game or PC. Whether or not to support the screen ratio of 21:9 and 32:9 depends on the title of the game.

3 Minimap Zoom

Use the directional buttons and Select button on the remote control to zoom in on specific areas of the game screen and adjust the zoom rate.

4 Game Motion Plus

Turn on this function to obtain a softer and clearer picture quality when playing a role-playing game (RPG) or adventure game which involves many dynamic scenes.

5 Game Settings

Moves the menu to Game Mode Settings

6 Virtual Aim Point

You can see the virtual aim point on the screen.

7 Sound Output

Change the sound output device. (e.g. TV Speaker, Soundbar, Bluetooth headset, etc.)

8 Help guide

View details on how to use each menu item.

9 Current status display:
  • Input Lag: Shows the status of game input lag.
  • Resolution: Shows the resolution of the currently running game.
  • FPS: Shows the number of frames per second in real time. If VRR is active, the frame rate changes.
  • HDR: Shown as On when an HDR game is running.
  • VRR: Shows the variable refresh rate. 

Selected 2021 2023 Samsung TVs support Ultra Wide Game View on PC games. Gamers can easily change the display aspect ratio from 16:9 to 21:9 or 32:9 through the Game Bar. 

Ultra Wide Game View presents a wider field of view that was invisible in a 16:9 conventional aspect ratio. It provides a more immersive, more informative view of the game so one could see the peripheries of a battlefield where enemies could be lurking.

Ultra Wide Game View is often cited as an amazing feature allowing gamers the freedom to customise the feel of the games’ resolution according to game genre and personal preferences. Gamers often score higher when playing first person shooter games in ultra-wide aspect ratios and experience greater satisfaction.

Super Utrawide GameView

How to use Super Ultra Wide Game View on PC

You can easily enjoy Super Ultra Wide Game View on your PC by following the instructions below.
The instructions below describe how to get a 21:9 resolution. 32:9 resolution has the same instructions.

Step 1. Launch the Game Bar with Play/Pause button long press.

Step 2. Toggle the remote button once on the Screen Ratio to change the Game Bar Screen ratio to 21:9.

Step 3. The Game Bar shows the following pop-up notice to match Game Bar Screen ratio to display the resolution properly.
"When changing the screen ratio to 21:9, setting the PC's screen resolution to 2560x1080 or 3840x1600 once will change the screen ratio to 21:9."

Step 4. According to the Game Bar pop-up notice, please change the PC resolution to the recommended resolution. The PC resolution can be adjusted in the Display menu of the PC by clicking the right button on the mouse. 
If you change the resolution on your PC for the first time, you can change the Screen Ratio through the Game Bar on your TV next time.
The supported resolutions may differ depending on the model or HDMI port connected to the PC.

Step 5. You can see the 21:9 screen ratio on your PC.

Step 6. Launch a game that supports 21:9 ultrawide resolution and enjoy.

           Game Bar Screen Ratio           

        Resolution Set in PC         


3840 x 1600 (60Hz)
2560 x 1080 (60Hz)
2560 x 1080 (120Hz)


3840 x 1080 (60Hz)
3840 x 1080 (120Hz)

Note: While you are playing a game, the screen ratio cannot be changed. Before running a game, first select the desired screen ratio on the Game Bar.

If you would like to adjust your Game Mode Settings instead, head to Game Mode Settings on your Samsung TV.

For further assistance, please contact our Chat Support or technical experts on 1300 362 603. To find your Samsung product's User Manual, head to Manuals & Downloads.

     This product should be mounted to a wall or other suitable surface to avoid serious injury. Find out more here.

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