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A Viewing Experience Unlike Any Other

The Wall is a next-generation display, delivering previously unattainable image presentation through Micro LED technology. With never-before-seen picture quality in an awe-inspiring scale, this is more than a TV — it’s a revolutionary visual experience that must be seen to be believed.

Samsung The Wall mounted on a large concrete wall with a grand view of a cliff at sunset
Three alternates of The Wall - one in a black background and other two in a luxury residence setting with screen showing a grand view of a plain and a wall frame template

Key features

A leopard image showing a clear details

Micro LED Technology

Witness an unmatched image presentation on a whole new scale

The Wall cabinet showing a vibrant, detailed image of a pink and yellow flower

One-of-a-kind Visuals

Experience pure visual innovation derived from best-in-class picture technologies

A zoomed in shot to the corner of The Wall display against a dark background to show the sleek design of the product

Infinity Design

Make a statement with subtle refinement in a seamless, sophisticated design

The Wall in a living room environment displaying Entertainment mode on the left side and Ambient mode on the right side

Total UX

Choose what you want to see from a diverse selection of entertainment and lifestyle content

Micro LED technology

Prepare for a breathtaking viewing experience that is second to none. Micro LED technology brings every image to life on a bigger, brighter and bolder scale.

The Wall displaying a crane with details of feathers and water around

One-of-a-kind Visuals

A harmony of deep blacks, pure colours and immaculate detail presenting a new level of reality.

  • Black Seal Tech
  • Ultra Chroma Tech
  • AI Upscaling Tech
  • Quantum HDR Tech

Black Seal Tech

Black Seal Technology

The fusion of an exceptionally black base with specialized Black Seal Technology, delivers deep black levels for intense contrast and immaculate detail.

The Wall cabinet showing a gorilla image with deep black and intense contrast

Ultra Chroma Tech

Ultra Chroma Technology

The Wall’s inherent color qualities produce vibrant and natural color for an awe-inspiring visual experience, bringing details to life like never before.

The Wall cabinet showing a pink and yellow folower image with vibrant colors

AI Upscaling Tech

AI Upscaling Technology

An intuitive resolution-to-screen size adaption powered by the Quantum Processor Flex, delivers a perfect view of reality in any size for a truly immersive experience.

A city view image with three division - from the lower resolution on the left to the higher resolution on the right

Quantum HDR Tech

Quantum HDR Technology

Boasting the industry’s best picture quality engine, The Wall utilizes advanced HDR picture refinement technologies to render optimum peak brightness and contrast in every single scene.

A shore image divided into two - dark one without HDR technology and bright one with HDR technology

Infinity design

Exuding both prominence and subtlety, The Wall’s sophisticated design blends into any space.

Infinity and beyond

Experience infinity in a seamless, bezel-less design that blends into any environment without disrupting your desired vision within and beyond the screen.

A bezel-less, seamless The Wall display mounted right up against a simple beige wall to show the slimness of the screen

Refined to the edge

A subtle and sleek décor frame allows The Wall to look refined from every angle.

* Customization must be provided by a third party.
A close-up corner shot of The Wall décor frame being shown in several forms -  a standard grey metal frame on the left, a blue metal frame in the middle and wooden frame on the right. They can be customized in different colors and textures

Total UX

Greatness in any space

Sophisticated both inside and out, The Wall is a visual complement for your space.

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The Wall up against a brick patterned wall in a simple living room setting and displaying a waterfall

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