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New Year, Smarter Home

Australian homes are getting smarter. 2.3 million Australian homes already have smart home technology and predictions are that figure is only going to grow.

That’s for good reason. Having smart technology in your home can save you time, improve energy efficiency, be cost-efficient, and streamline your life. And as our lives get busier, having extra time in the day can really help.

Control your home appliances from one mobile device. Know immediately when your laundry’s done. And check your fridge from anywhere. It’s time to make your home smarter.

SmartThings ecosystem

Making your home smart starts first with a smart ecosystem. Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem, complete with a SmartThings app, allows you to easily control your home from one device.

Compatible with Galaxy, the app makes it simple to adjust the temperature in your home while you’re on the go, check the purity of your air at any time, and set your devices to night mode from your bed.

With SmartThings, you’re also able to see insights on your connected devices, get help with household chores, and enhance experiences.

Monitor your devices, like air conditioning, and air purifiers, then optimise to save energy and lower your electricity bill. And, with everything controllable via voice control, you’re able to optimise your home whether you're driving, or laying on the couch.

Smart Laundry

If there’s one household job many of us would prefer to skip, it’s laundry. Fortunately, these days, having clean clothes doesn’t have to be so time-consuming.

Samsung’s Smart AI Washing Machine and Dryer range are both smart and packed with features for fast and efficient cleaning. Available in a new sleek black range, they’re appliances that look great in your home.

Samsung’s smart washers and dryers learn how you wash then give quick recommendations to make laundry faster. While AI Wash mode detects the weight and level of cleanliness of clothes to optimise the water, wash time and the amount of detergent used. There’s also an intuitive laundry planner to ensure you always have the right cleaning cycle and duration.

With SmartThings, it’s easy to start your laundry from wherever you are. Then you’ll instantly know when the laundry’s done without the need to wait around and listen for the buzzer. Head out into the garden and have a notification sent to your phone once the cycle is done.

With in-built smart technology, easily paired to your Galaxy through the SmartThings app, laundry has never been so easy.

See what’s in your fridge

Ever been out shopping and forgotten what ingredients you already have? With our busy lifestyles, it’s hard to keep on top of what’s in the fridge. And, on the way home from work, it’s tricky to know whether a visit to the store is needed or not.

That’s where smart technology can help. Samsung’s smart fridge range with Family Hub™ makes cooking and meal planning much easier. While the View Inside feature lets you take a look inside your fridge from your compatible smartphone.

It all works through in-built cameras in the smart fridge range which show what’s inside and the tech even tags food expiration dates so that you know what’s going off.

With a Samsung smart fridge, you only buy what you need and only go to the store when necessary – taking the added hassle out of mealtimes.

A Smart TV to match your lifestyle

Life’s simpler with a Smart TV to entertain the whole family. The Neo QLED 8K is the ultimate Smart TV equipped with features for every occasion.

Entertain the whole family with access to all your favourite streaming channels including Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV+. Then, easily switch to work mode with in-built RemoteAccess+ to display your PC on TV and built-in Google Duo to make video calls with the click of a button.

The included multi-view feature means you can split the large screen and view media from multiple sources. That way everyone gets to watch what they want to.

While our lives get busier, smart home technology can streamline our experience, and optimise our appliances. Making daily living simpler than ever before.

1Australia $4.61 Bn Smart Home Markets to 2026: Energy Management, Comfort and Lighting, Home Entertainment, Control and Connectivity, Security & Appliances
May 31, 2021 04:13 ET | Source: Research and Markets

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