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Master mobile photography
with Demas Rusli

These days, a smartphone is all you need to create like a pro. Just ask Demas Rusli. He quit
his day job in architecture to pursue his passion for photography full time. We sat down with
him as he shared five photography tips that he says will help anyone raise their Instagram
game and capture the action in more unique ways. He’s been creating content with Galaxy for
the last few years and is a massive advocate for smartphone photography.

Here’s what he had to say to help any up-and-coming photographer master the basics and take their photography to the next level.

How to up your Instagram game


Don’t forget the basics

The first rule may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many people overlook the basics. It’s simple, but the key to any great shot is a clean lens and finding the right composition. And to do that, you should always have a small microfibre cloth handy to get rid of any dirt or dust your lens might’ve picked up from your pocket or bag. Once your lens is clean, it’s time to frame your shot. Turn on gridlines in your camera settings to help line up important elements in the photo and find the best composition. The gridlines can help you pin point key features in your shot. Follow the rule of thirds and line up points of interest where the gridlines intersect to find the right frame for your photo.

But remember, rules are also made to be broken. Experiment with symmetry and find unusual angles to add a point of difference to your shot and help it stand out in a sea of social posts.

Experiment with lenses Experiment with lenses

Experiment with lenses

A great way to train your photography eye is to experiment with different lenses to capture different compositions and shots. Demas stands on the same spot and makes the most of the four lenses in the Galaxy S21 Ultra to shoot unique photographs that feel part of the same collection. By switching between standard and ultra-wide angles, you can capture the same scene in two very different ways. Don’t forget to experiment with zoom too. A telescopic lens can help you capture details in landmarks and scenery that are far away. This technique is a great way to capture content for carousel posts.


Get closer to the action.

Play around with macro photography to capture the world in a way you haven’t looked at it before. By getting closer to the action, you can take photos of the texture and details in places and objects around you. Whether it’s capturing a flower’s petals up close or finding small details on the pavement, make the most of your macro settings to get closer to your subject and capture it in sharp detail. The Galaxy S21 Ultra switches to the ultra-wide camera by itself when it recognises a close-up subject and helps Demas easily capture macro shots.


Shoot at 108MP

Want to use your photography as artwork? A 108MP camera is perfect for printing large images in super sharp detail. High-res mobile photography will give you really detailed photos that you can create different compositions from. Because there are so many megapixels, you can take one photo really quickly then crop to create an interesting carousel made up of different high-quality shots from the same picture.

Utilise all camera modes Utilise all camera modes

Utilise all camera modes

To get the best shots, you have to know what your camera is capable of. Take the time to experiment with the different settings and learn to use them to your advantage. Everyone knows panoramic shots look cool, but have you ever tried a vertical one? Instead of moving the camera from left to right, start from the ground and move steadily up. It's a totally different way to capture the skyline – and more unique too.

When you’re shooting film, think about how you can make the footage more interesting to watch. Slow Motion and Hyperlapse are two settings on Galaxy S21 Series phones that’ll help you add drama to the action, or condense minutes of footage into seconds. Instead of taking a single shot of sunrise, turn on Hyperlapse and capture the transformation from light to dark in a smooth journey. It’ll make a much more interesting post and really stand out from the typical shots you see on Instagram.

Don’t forget to look for unexpected angles either. And always experiment with your style. Try your hand at capturing light trails, getting down low for a different perspective or finding unique frames for your shots. The more you experiment, the more fun you’ll have and the more interesting your social media posts will be.

Lights, camera, action

The shots above were all taken by Demas on the new Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Master the art of mobile photography for yourself and get yours now.

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