Assembling the BESPOKE Jet™ Stick Battery

Last Update date : Jan 17. 2024

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When the battery level indicator turns red or the [Low battery] message appears on the display, it is time to charge the battery. Learn how to assemble the battery on the handle of the BESPOKE Jet™ Stick below. 

If you need a new battery, you can buy a replacement here.

Locating the Battery Compartment

  • The BESPOKE Jet™ Stick's battery compartment is behind the dust bin on the handy cleaner, above the small silver pipe. 
  • When disassembling the battery, do not use any metallic materials as it may cause the machine to short-circuit. This may result in an explosion or electric shock.
  • Once the battery is charged you can reattach the battery and start using the vacuum again. 
bespoke jet eject battery bespoke jet eject battery

Eject the battery
1. Press the battery release button at the rear of the handle.
2. Slowly eject the battery out.

bespoke jet assemble battery bespoke jet assemble battery

Insert the battery
Push the battery to the end until you hear it click.


  • Before ejecting the battery, the vacuum must be turned off. 
  • If the battery is forcibly ejected while the vacuum is operating, the vacuum may malfunction.
  • When you eject or insert the battery, do not drop the battery. Dropping the battery could cause injury to yourself or damage to the battery.

Checking the Battery Charging Position

Make sure the back of the battery is correctly placed into the vacuum charging port. Try using the battery after assembling it back on the body. If the battery is not reattached correctly to the end, the product will not operate normally.

vacuum bespoke jet correct battery charging point

Battery charging position (Top): Check that the battery is properly aligned at the charging terminal.

vacuum bespoke jet correct battery charging

Battery charging position (Side): Check that the battery is inserted well.

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