Replacing the Clean Station Dust Bag

Last Update date : Aug 10. 2021

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Make sure that you always empty the bag at the right time. So to ensure you don’t forget, a blue LED indication light on the front turns red when it’s full. It means you can quickly and intuitively check the status of the dust bin, while also adding an elegant ambiance to its surroundings. Its slim design makes it easy to dispose of the dust hygienically and doesn’t take up much space in the room. The Clean Station also has a firm, airtight design from the inlet to the exhaust filter that prevents dust from leaking.

Follow the steps below for a guide on how to replace the dust bag.


  • The dust bag is designed to shut the opening hole with a plastic lid when pulling out from the Clean Station, preventing dust from leaking out when replacing.
  • When the LED notification turns Red, the dust bag needs to be replaced. However, replacing the dust bag every 2 -3 months is recommended to prevent odours.
1 Open the front cover of the Clean Station by placing your hands in the grooves on both sides and pulling forwards.
Opened front panel of Clean Station.
2 Push down on the release button and pull the cover for the dust bin toward you.
Opened cover for dust bag component.
3 Hold down the plastic casing that holds the dust bag and pull the dust bag out.
Arrows showing directions for pushing casing down and bag out.
4 Insert the new dust bag while holding down the plastic casing and reverse the steps to put the covers back on.
Arrows showing directions for pushing casing down and bag out.


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