Avoid Overheating your Samsung Microwave

Last Update date : Jan 17. 2024

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When the microwave overheats, it will shut off automatically. It is important to prevent overheating by properly installing your microwave and keeping in mind a couple of simple rules when operating it. Follow the guide and tips below to avoid overheating your Samsung microwave.

Proper Installation

1 Select a flat, level surface approx. 85cm above the floor. The surface must support the weight of the microwave.
2 Secure room for ventilation, at least 10cm from the rear wall and both sides, and 20cm from above.
3 Do not install the microwave in hot or damp surroundings, such as next to other microwave ovens or radiators.
4 Do not install the microwave behind a decorative door in order to avoid overheating.
5 Conform to the power supply specifications of your microwave (please refer to your user manual). Use only approved extension cables if you need to use one.
6 Wipe the interior and the door seal with a damp cloth before using your microwave for the first time.

Note: If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. For your personal safety, plug the cable into a proper AC earthed socket.

Other Suggestions

1 Use shorter times for small amounts of food to prevent overheating or burning.
2 Do not cover the ventilation slots with cloth or paper. This is a fire hazard, and the microwave can overheat.

*The microwave will turn off automatically if overheating occurs. It will then remain off until it cools sufficiently.

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