Checking your Jet™ Stick Display

Last Update date : Jan 16. 2024

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Your Jet™ Stick will come with a display that lets you know when it may need some simple maintence, as well as to indicate what operation is being used. If you are unsure what the icons on your Jet™ Stick means, here is a quick guide:

*For information on checking the BESPOKE Jet™ Stick display, click here.

jet stick display

Note: Displays and functions may vary depending on the product model. To check the functions of your Samsung Jet™ Stick please refer to the User Manual specific to your model.


01. Clogged

Dustbin, piper or suction part is clogged.
For a guide on how to clean the dustbin and filters of your Jet™ Stick, please click here.

02. Spinning brush stick

Foreign matter is clogged in the spinning brush.
For a guide on how to remove foreign matter from your spinning brush, please click here.

03. No filter

The washable micro filter is not assembled properly.
For steps on properly assmebling the dustbin and filters of your Jet™ Stick, please click here and refer to the 'Cleaning the Filters' section.

04. Suction power

Displays the currently selected suction power.

05. Wet brush cleaning mode

Only when the wet brush is assembled.

If the 3 icons at the top of your display (01, 02, 03) start blinking a few times or lights up red, and the vacuum stops operation, please refer to the guides linked above under the respective icons for maintenance steps, or, to the maintence part of your manual

For further assistance, please contact our Chat Support or technical experts on 1300 362 603. To find your Samsung product's User Manual, head to Manuals & Downloads.

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