Clean the Washing Machine Detergent Drawer

Last Update date : Jan 23. 2024

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It is recommended that you clean the detergent drawer of your washing machine regularly to prevent any build-up of detergent, bleach, and softener. Follow the guide below for cleaning the detergent drawer for your washing machine.

Cleaning the Detergent Drawer on your BESPOKE Washing Machine Cleaning the Detergent Drawer on your BESPOKE Washing Machine


  • The actual design of the detergent drawer may differ from your model. To check the design specific to your model, please refer to your user manual.
  • To remove the remaining detergent, perform the RINSE+SPIN course with an empty drum.
  • For a guide on how to use the detergent drawer, click here.

Step 1. While holding the release lever down inside the drawer, slide open the drawer.

Step 2. Clean the drawer components in running water using a soft brush.

Step 3. Clean the drawer recess using a soft brush.

Step 4. Reinsert the liquid detergent container into the drawer. Slide the drawer in to close it.

Step 1. Open the door and then the Built-in sink to reveal the detergent drawer.

Step 2. Slightly lift the front edge of the drawer, and then slide it open.

Step 3. Remove the wing distributor (A) and rinse cap (B) from the drawer.

Step 4. Clean the drawer as well as the distributor and rinse cap with running water and a soft brush.

Step 5. When complete, close the rinse cap and reinsert the distributor. Then, reinsert the detergent drawer.

Step 1. While holding down the release lever on the inner of the drawer, pull the detergent drawer to remove.

Step 2. Remove both the detergent compartment and the softener compartment from the detergent drawer, and then clean all parts of both compartments in flowing water with a soft brush.
Note: Open the lids of both compartments, and then put water in them and shake to clean the inside.

Step 3. Clean the drawer recess using a soft brush to remove detergent residues and limescale on the drawer recess.

Step 4. Insert the detergent drawer back into the washing machine.
Note: Make sure the drawer recess is completely dry before inserting the detergent drawer.


  • On some models, you may only be able to take the covers off, not the whole compartment. 
  • For information on how to use the auto dispenser, click here.

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