What should I do when the fabric softener does not drain properly?

Last Update date : Jan 15. 2024

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From time to time, it is possible that the fabric softener and/or detergent will remain in the detergent drawer and not be dispensed properly. This may be caused by various reasons and normally is not a product malfunction.

Follow the guide below for general troubleshooting steps that you can try first yourself before contacting a technician for further support.


  • For a guide on the detergent drawer layout of your washing machine and how to use it, please click here.
  • Displays and functions may vary depending on the product model. For more information a specific product, it is recommended to check your user manual
1 Check and ensure rinse cap is inserted properly.

• Make sure that the detergent is added in the centre of the detergent drawer.

• Perform the RINSE+SPIN cycle with an empty drum to remove remaining detergent.

Rinse Cap of Front Load Washing Machine:

Middle section of front loader detergent drawer.

Rinse Cap of Top Load Washing Machine:

Cap on left side of detergent drawer and detergent on left side of drawer.
2 Clean the detergent drawer.

It is recommended to clean the detergent drawer regularly, as leftover liquid detergent and fabric softener can solidfy in the drawer.

3 Check the inlet hose screens and ensure no blockages.

To check the screens, turn the water off with the water valves. Remove the hot* and cold water hoses from the back of the washing machine. Use wire-stripping pliers or a suitable tool to remove and clean the filter from the inlet valve. Reinstall the filter, and then connect the water hoses again.

*Hot water hoses will not be applicable to all washing machine models.

Correct installation of connect the hose to the tap.


  • Stop using the washing machine if there is a water leak and contact a local Samsung service centre. Otherwise, this may cause electric shock.
  • Do not stretch the water hose by force. If the hose is too short, replace the hose with a longer, high-pressure hose.
  • Use a standard type of water tap. If the tap is square-shaped or too big, remove the spacer ring before inserting the tap into the adaptor.
4 Check the water pressure.

If the washing machine does not have enough water pressure, the fabric softener will not drain. Recommended water pressures can differ depending on model. To check for your specific to your washing machine by referring to your enclosed user manual. This can also be downloaded from our Manuals & Downloads page.

5 Make sure the washing machine is level.

It is important to make sure you washing machine is levelled. If not, fabric softener residual can collect in the washing machine and clog the dispenser.

Location of levelling feet on top loader.
6 Request service.

If problems persist, please contact our technical experts on 1300 362 603 for further support.

If the fabric softener or bleach is dispensing into the drum before the cycle starts, you have overfilled the dispenser.

Both the fabric softener and bleach compartments work using a siphon. If the respective compartments are overfilled, the siphoning action occurs immediately, and the fabric softener or bleach is dispensed into the drum. This may cause damage to your clothes.

Make sure to use detergent as recommended on the product. An excessive amount of detergent may not dissolve well. Be sure to only fill the dispenser to the Max line.

1 Use warm water.

When cold water is used, detergent does not dissolve properly and will remain on your garments, hoses, and spin basket. It is recommended to use water of around at least 40°C to dissolve detergent.

2 Use appropriate amounts of detergent.

Washing results do not differ with excessive amounts of detergent. It could cause damage to your garments if not rinsed properly. Please follow the suggested amount as detailed by the manufacturer of the detergent.

3 Rinse sufficiently.

If using powder detergent, it is important to rinse your garments sufficiently as it can easily remain on your garments, causing bad odours.
4 Request service.

If problems persist, please contact our Chat Support or technical experts on 1300 362 603 for further support.

For further assistance, please contact our Chat Support or technical experts on 1300 362 603. To find your Samsung product's User Manual, head to Manuals & Downloads.

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