Clean the Washing Machine Water Hose Mesh Filter

Last Update date : Jan 23. 2024

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It is recommended that you clean the mesh filter of the water hose 1-2 times a year to prevent draining issues. There are 2 types of filters: (1) the pump filter (or, debris/drain filter)*, and (2) the mesh filter of the water hose. If you would like a guide on cleaning the pump filter, please click here*.

Follow the guide below for cleaning the mesh filter of the water hose.

*The pump filter (or, debris/drain filter) is applicable only on front load washing machine models.

Cleaning the Water Hose Mesh Filter of your Samsung Washing Machine Cleaning the Water Hose Mesh Filter of your Samsung Washing Machine

Note: If the mesh filter is clogged, the information code "Check water supply" will appear on screen.

Step 1.  Power off the washing machine and unplug the cord.

Step 2. Close the water tap.

Step 3. Loosen and disconnect the water hose from the back of the washing machine. Cover the hose with a cloth to prevent water from gushing out.

Step 4. With a pair of pliers, gently pull out the mesh filter from inlet valve.

Step 5. Submerge the mesh filter deeply in water so that the threaded connector is also submerged. Besides the mesh filter, also clean the inside and outside of the threaded connector.

Step 6. Dry the mesh filter completely in the shade.

Step 7. Reinsert the mesh filter into the inlet valve.

Step 8. Reconnect the water hose to the inlet valve, and open the water tap.

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