Disabling End of Cycle Melody on your Samsung Washing Machine

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When this function is disabled, the melody of cycle completion, power-off beep, and AddWash alarm for AddWash models, will not sound. However, all other sounds will stay active.

If you would like to disable the end of cycle melody on your washing machine, please follow the general guide below.

Please be advised that the guide below is a general guide. As designs and features can vary depending on the model of your washing machine, it is recommended that you refer to your user manual for more detailed instructions that are specific to your model.

Note: The setting remains unchanged even if you restart the washing machine.


  • The above control panel is for demonstration purposes only. Your control panel can vary, but the instructions will be similar if you have the bell icon bell icon on your washing machine.
  • On some models, the sound on/off icon can look like megaphone with line through it (a megaphone with a line through it).

Most washing machines will have a alarm icon bell icon* that indicates the Sound On/Off option for the washing machine. It will often be found under one or two buttons (as shown in the example above). To disable sounds, you will need to press the one button the icon is under, or simultaneously press and hold the two buttons its under, for 3 seconds. When disabled the alarm icon bell icon* will light up. To re-enable, you simply repeat. 

*If you do not see the bell icon bell icon on the control panel of your washing machine, it can also appear as an alarm off button Alarm Off  button that you can press.

If none of the above was applicable, and your washing machine has a Simple UX Design control panel, similar to the one below, then the following steps can help.

1. Tap and hold the hand hand icon for 3 seconds.

2. Turn the Navigation dial to select Alarm, and then tap the circle circle icon to select.

3. Tap the circle circle icon to turn On or Off. 

For further assistance, please contact our Chat Support or technical experts on 1300 362 603. To find your Samsung product's User Manual, head to Manuals & Downloads.