What is Quick Wash on my Samsung Front-Load Washer?

Last Update date : Apr 14. 2022

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Quick Wash is a 15-30 minute (depending on your washing machine) quick timed wash program in Samsung front load washing machines.

The Quick Wash program starts at 30°C. However, as you manually increase the temperature, so does the amount of time for the washing program.

Now, you can wash the clothes easily, quickly and conveniently according to your time needs. The Quick Wash cycle is only designed for a reduced amount of washing. 

Please be advised, features and designs can differ depending on the model of your washing machine. To check for the function details specific to your washing machine model, please refer to your enclosed user manual


  • Depending on the model of your washer, this function could be called Quick Wash15' Quick Wash, or Quick 29'
  • To see the details of this function specific to your washing machine model, please refer to your enclosed user manual. This can also be downloaded from our Manuals & Guides page.

Selecting Quick Wash Mode

Quick Wash only needs a small amount of detergent for lightly soiled items.  The max. load is 2.0 kg load and will require:

  • No more than 20g of detergent. Using more than 20g may leave detergent residue on your items.
  • For liquid detergent, use a max. of 20ml of liquid detergent.

If you the load is sensed not so dry at the end of the load, use the 'High' or 'Extra High' speed spin option.

1 Press the button (in the circled area) to select Quick Wash* mode.
*Displays vary depending on the model of your washing machine - if not on the dial mode selector, it can also simply appear as a button.
Quick Wash control panel
2 Press this button repeatedly to select cycle, through the wash time options, such as: 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90min.
3 The actual operation time of Quick Wash may delay at the most 10 minutes according to weight of the laundry.

If you have a washing machine with a simple UX design LED control panel, the following steps can help:

1 Power on the washing machine and turn the navigation dial to go through the cycles. Select 15' Quick Wash.
2 Press the circle icon to confirm any changes you may have made to the settings (this is optional).
3 Tap and hold the Start/Pause button to start operation.

If you require further assistance, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page or contact our Samsung Care Australia experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia). You can also contact our Chat Support team or reach us through Samsung Members Community.

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