What is the Eco Bubble feature in my washing machine?

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020
Eco bubble

Bubble Wash generates bubbles by dissolving detergent with air and water before the normal cycle begins.


Eco Bubble technology activates the detergent much earlier and faster in the wash cycle by use of a Bubble Generator, rapidly mixing a small amount of water with air and detergent (works with powder, tabs or liquid detergents). This creates a foam cushion in the drum ahead of introducing the main water intake, and the detergent infused bubbles penetrate the fabrics much faster and efficiently than for a conventional wash system, delivering a cleaner wash performance especially for colder temperature cycles.  


The lower the water temperature of the cycle, the greater the impact of using Eco Bubble versus conventional systems, this allowing more use of colder wash cycles and helping to save energy. In addition, since the detergent has had assistance in dissolving thoroughly early in the cycle, there is no need to worry about detergent residues. 


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