Replacing the Water Filter of your Samsung Refrigerator

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Samsung Side by Side and French Door refrigerators with an ice and water dispensers are equipped with a water filtration system located either outside or inside the refrigerator. These models require a plumbed water connection. You may notice that every 6 months or so, the filter indicator on your fridge blinks red to remind you that your water filter needs to be replaced. 

When replacing your water filter, it is important to use Samsung provided or approved water filters (you can find them on our website). Unapproved filters may leak and damage the refrigerator, causing electric shock. Samsung holds no responsibility for any damage that may occur from use of third party water filters.

Once you have your new Samsung provided or approved water filter ready, follow the guide below for steps on how to replace the water filter of your Samsung refrigerator.


  • To find the correct water filter for your fridge, click here
  • The design and features of your refrigerator will differ depending on the model. Please consult your user manual to check the design and features specific to your refrigerator.
Behind the Refrigerator:
1 Shut off the main water supply.
2 Connect the water supply line to the inlet side of the filter.
3 Connect the dispenser line to the outlet side of the filter.
4 Check if there is any leak. If not, fix the lines with the clips.
5 Put the water filter into place and fix it with the clips.
6 Press and hold Filter Reset for 3 seconds to reset the filter lifecycle.
7 When replacing is complete, flush 1 litre of water to remove impurities from the water line.

Please be advised that if you need to adjust the length of the water lining tube, make sure to smooth out the cut surface at a right angle (as shown below). This is to prevent a water leak.

In Between the Vegetable/Crisper Drawers:


  • A newly installed filter may cause the water dispenser to spurt water briefly. This is because air has entered the waterline. 
  • The replacement process may cause the water dispenser to drip for a short period of time. If it drips, simply wipe up any water on the floor with a dry towel.
1 Shut off the water supply line.
2 Open the filter cartridge cover.


  • Some models will not have a cartridge cover. You can simply turn the knob of the filter to unlock and remove.
3 Turn the knob of the filter cartridge counter clockwise 90 degrees (1/4 turn). The filter cartridge will unlock.
4 Pull out to remove the cartridge.

• If the water filter is severely contaminated, the cartridge may not remove easily. If so, use force to remove the cartridge.

• To prevent water leaks from the filter opening, pull the cartridge straight out while removing it.

5 Insert a new filter cartridge. Use only Samsung-provided or approved filters.
6 Turn the cartridge knob clockwise to lock into place.
7 Close the filter cartridge cover (if applicable).
8 Reset the water filter replacement alarm.

Reset by tapping any button to wake the display. Then, tap the circle icon until the Water Filter indicator blinks. Use the arrow buttons < or > to select Reset or Later (if you have replaced your filter, select Reset).

Top Right Side in the Refrigerator:
1 Remove the water filter from the box and put a month indicator sticker on the filter as shown. Place a sticker on the filter that dates six months in the future. For example, if you are replacing the water filter in March, put the “SEP” (September) sticker on the filter to remind you to replace in September. Normal filter life is about every 6 months.
2 Remove the new filter’s protective cap and remove the old filter.
3 Position and insert the new filter into the filter housing. Slowly turn the water filter clockwise to align with the printing mark on the cover, locking the filter in position. Make sure to align the water filter label mark with the center of cover filter printing as illustrated. Remember, do not over-tighten.
4 Once you have completed the water filter replacement, you can choose to reset the water filter alarm through the Filter Reset button. This step is optional.
5 Lastly, run about 3L through water dispenser and throw away. Make sure that water flows clearly again before drinking.

Be sure to flush about 1 litre of water to remove any impurities from the water line. 

A newly installed filter may cause the water dispenser to spurt water briefly. This is because air has entered the water line. Water may also drip during the replacement process. If this happens, wipe up with a dry cloth. 

Do NOT use the water or ice dispenser without a water filter cartridge because the water line may become blocked.

If you require further assistance, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page or contact our Samsung Care Australia experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia). You can also contact our Chat Support team or reach us through Samsung Members Community.