How to Reset the Family Hub™ Display Panel

Last Update date : Jan 15. 2024

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Samsung French Door Fridge

On selected models of Samsung fridges is the Family Hub™. The Family Hub™ display panel allows you to access many convenient features.

If you happen to encounter an abnormal symptom on the display panel that restricts you from using it in any way, you can try resetting the display. This will hopefully resolve the problem.

Find a step-by-step guide for resetting the Family Hub display below.

1 As you are facing the fridge, open the right side door and locate the switch cover on the top right-hand corner of the door.
2 Push the cover up to reveal the power switch for the display panel.
Samsung fridge Family Hub switch cover
3 Turn the switch On and Off again.
Samsung fridge Family Hub switch
4 Reinsert the switch cover until you hear a click sound.

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