Apps keep crashing. What should I do?

Last modified : Apr 06. 2018
Bixby Voice crashing

There are multple different possible reasons when an app starts crashing. Plese ensure the software of your device and the apps are up-to-date.


It may come down to your mobile device not having sufficient storage space available.


It could possibly be a compatibility issue with the current software version and the Android OS Version your device is running.


Some applications, such as games, require a stable and consistent internet connection to run, so it is recommended that your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network or have a strong mobile network signal. If the connection signals are low, this may lead to lower stability and result in your app crashing.


Action the troubleshooting steps below to try and fix the issue:

Please Note: Steps and screenshots were created from the Samsung Galaxy S9+ running Android OS Version 8.0 (Oreo). Steps may slightly differ according to the model you are using and the Android OS it is running.

How to fix crashing apps

Restart your deviceClick to Expand

Restart your device to refresh all previously loaded background processes and try opening the app again. 


If the issue persists, please proceed to the next step.


Restart your device
Clear cache and dataClick to Expand

Follow the steps below to clear out all unnecessary app data stored in your device. 

1 Go into the Settings menu > Apps.
Settings > Apps
2 Select the crashing app.
Select the App
3 Tap Storage.
Tap Storage
4 Tap on Clear Cache.

5 Tap on Clear Data and then tap Delete to confirm.

6 App cache and data has been cleared.

Check Storage space availabilityClick to Expand

Please ensure that your mobile device is not lacking storage space. If your device does not have sufficient storage space available, this may lead to running apps to crash.


Remove any unnecessary files or unused applications to free up space on your device via Device maintenance.

1 Go into the Settings menu > Device maintenance.
Settings > Device maintenance
2 Tap Storage.
Tap Storage
3 View each category and remove any unwanted files or apps.
Remove unwanted files
Re-install the applicationClick to Expand

Uninstall and then re-install the application.

1 Open the Play Store and tap on the More tab located near the top left side of the screen.
Open Play Store and tap on More tab
2 Tap on My apps & games.
Tap on the My apps & games tab
3 Tap on the Installed tab and then search for the crashing app to re-install.
Under the Installed tab, find crashing app
4 Tap on Uninstall to remove the app.
Uninstall the app
5 Tap on Install to re-install the app. Once the download has been completed, re-open app.
Re-install app

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