Stop Apps Crashing on a Samsung Phone

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020

If you're seeing a popup on your device that *App Name* keeps stopping - and you've already tried both the options on the popup to Close the App and Send feedback, please have a look at the options listed below in the dropdowns. You can try restarting your device, making sure there's enough storage space, and uninstalling/reinstalling the app in question. The other thing to make sure is that your device has the most up to date software version available. If you Galaxy device is freezing or the screen won't respond check out our guide Restart a Frozen or Unresponsive Samsung Phone for step-by-step instrcutions.

Please Note: This guide is designed for Australian variant Galaxy devices, if you have an international device and require further support click here to get in touch with your Samsung susbidiary. Steps and screenshots were created from the Galaxy S20+ running Android OS Version 10.0 (Q). Steps may slightly differ according to the model you are using and the Android OS it is running.

Restart your device

Restart your device to refresh all previously loaded background processes and try opening the app again. 

If the issue persists, please proceed to the next step.

1 Swipe down on your screen to access your Quick Panel and tap on Power icon
Tap on Power icon
2 Tap on Restart icon Restart
Tap on Restart icon
Clear cache and data

Follow the steps below to clear out all unnecessary app data stored in your device. 

1 Go into the Settings menu > Apps
select apps
2 Select the Crashing App
select crashing app
3 Tap Storage
Tap on Storage
4 Tap Clear Cache or Data
clear cache or data
Clear Cache and Data for System Apps

If you're continually receiving an error message saying that a particular System App keeps crashing, try clearing the cache and data. Follow the below troubleshooting steps to locate your system apps and clear the cache and data accordingly.

1 Head to your Settings > Apps
select apps
2 Tap the at the top of the page
tap on the 3 dots
3 Select Show System Apps
select show system apps
4 Search through your app list for the crashing System App
Scroll through Apps list or search for the system app
5 Tap Storage
tap storage
6 Tap on Clear Cache or Clear Data
clear cache and data
Check Storage space availability

Please ensure that your mobile device is not lacking storage space. If your device does not have sufficient storage space available, this may lead to running apps to crash.

Remove any unnecessary files or unused applications to free up space on your device via Device Care.

1 Go into the Settings menu > Device Care
Head into Settings > Device Care
2 Tap Storage
select storage
3 View each category and remove any unwanted files or apps.
clearing storage
Re-install the application

Uninstall and then re-install the application.

1 Open the Google PlayStore icon Play Store and tap on the More tab located near the top left side of the screen.
Open Play Store and tap on More tab
2 Tap on My apps & games.
Tap on the My apps & games tab
3 Tap on the Installed tab and then search for the crashing app to re-install.
Under the Installed tab, find crashing app
4 Tap on Uninstall to remove the app.
Uninstall the app
5 Tap on Install to re-install the app. Once the download has been completed, re-open app.
Re-install app
Clear Cache Partition

A more technical option is to enter Android Recovery Mode on your device and Wipe the Cache Partition. The Cache Partition is a section of the device that saves temporary files, logs and data from various apps and the Operating System of the device. It can also save files from previous Software versions, so clearing the Cache Partition will resolve issues on devices that have recently had a Software Update.

WARNING: Follow these steps carefully. A wrong move in Android Recovery Mode could potentially damage the Operating System of the device and render it unusable.

1 Power off the phone or tablet
2 Press the Volume UP, Power and Home/Bixby buttons all the same time and continue to hold them until the device boots up.
3 Depending on the device, you might see a screen with an Android Icon. Wait for a black screen with Android Recovery Mode at the top to appear.
4 Use the Volume buttons to move the blue highlight to the option Wipe Cache Partition
5 Press the Power button to confirm the selection
6 When the screen returns to the main menu, highlight the Reboot System Now option and press Power to turn reboot the device normally

If none of the above steps have resolved the problem for you, please get in touch by phone on 1300 362 603 or Chat Support to find your closest Service location. Further remedies may be available in store. 

Thank you for your feedback!