How do I Screenshot on my Samsung Phone?

If you're looking to learn how to take screenshots with your Samsung phone or tablet, look no further. The buttons to take a screenshot vary depending on what kind of physical buttons you have on your device. Getting the two buttons pressed at exactly the same time is the tricky part, and sometimes bulky phone or tablet cases can interfere. Try removing your phone case so you have clear access to all the buttons - once you've got the motion down you'll be able to pop the case back on and screenshot like a pro! 

Please Note: This guide is designed for Australian variant Galaxy devices, if you have an international device and require further support click here to get in touch with your Samsung subsidiary.

Take screenshots using the edge panel of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone Take screenshots using the edge panel of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone
Using Physical keys to screenshot from Galaxy device

Most Samsung devices will allow you to capture a screenshot by moving your hand from right to left across the screen. It's called Palm Motion or Palm Swipe to Capture on newer devices.

Hold the device in your left hand, and use the edge of your right hand to swipe across the screen. While Palm Swipe to Capture is usually turned on by default, you can check whether the gesture is enabled on your device in the Settings app:

1 Head into your Settings
Tap on Settings
2 Select Advanced Features
Tap on Advanced Features
3 Select Motion & Gestures
Select Motion & Gestures
4 Toggle on Palm Swipe to Capture
Toggle on Palm Swipe to Capture
5 When you are ready to capture your screenshot, swipe the edge of you hand across the screen
using Palm Swipe to Capture

Scroll Capture allows you to take longer screenshots than usual, perfect for when you're trying to take screenshots from a website. In order to use Scroll capture, you will first need to enable Smart Capture/ Screenshot toolbar.

1 Screenshot the page either by using Palm Swipe to capture or by pressing the hard keys, then tap on scroll capture icon to start Scroll Capturing
2 Then you can tap on screenshot popup to view
Tap on screenshot to view

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Check, Repair or Upgrade

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