Installing the SEK-4500 Evolution Kit

Last Update date : Jan 11. 2024

By connecting the Evolution Kit to your compatible Samsung TV, you can upgrade the TV’s software without purchasing a new TV. Use the Evolution Kit to unlock the features and services offered by Samsung Electronics that had not been previously accessible on older TVs.

Please Note: When connecting this product to your UHD TV, you do not need to run the UHD Evolution Kit Backup function (MENU > System > UHD Evolution Kit Backup) on the existing UHD TV.

1 Disconnect all external devices from the TV, and then connect them to the Evolution Kit.
Ports of the SEK-4500 Evolution Kit.
  • This product does not support the ARC and MHL functions. Connect an external device such as an AV receiver to the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) port using the optical cable supplied with the Evolution Kit.
2 Using the TV remote control, set Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) to On in the TV’s menu.
  • The menu path may differ depending on the TV model
3 Connect the provided Evolution Kit connector from the EVK CONNECT port on the Evolution Kit to a HDMI port on the TV.

  • Do not connect either a HDMI (ARC) or HDMI (MHL) port.
  • 4 Connect the power cable to the power port on the Evolution Kit.
    • The port name may differ depending on the TV model.
    5 Press the Remote control power button power button on the Samsung Smart Remote provided with the Evolution Kit to turn on the Evolution Kit.
    6 With the TV remote control, change the source to an external device connected to the Evolution Kit via a HDMI connection.
    • For the following TV models, be sure to set the Picture Size to Screen Fit in the TV’s menu using the TV’s remote control.
      • ES7000/ES8000: MENU > Picture > Screen Adjustment > Picture Size > Screen Fit.
      • F8000/H8000: MENU > Picture > Picture Size > Screen Fit.
      • If Picture Size is not to Screen Fit, some pictures may be cut off.
      • The menu path may differ depending on the TV model.
    7 When you have completed all connections, press the Power button on remote control power button on the Samsung Smart Remote to check that the TV and the Evolution Kit turn On and Off properly.

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