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Find yourself perpetually trying to juggle your priorities? You’re not alone – and the constant balancing act can certainly feel exhausting. Whether you are tackling a tricky work task or trying to meet a tough deadline, a laser-like focus can certainly help life run more smoothly. A few simple tips and techniques can help improve your concentration and motivation, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you love. Check out these easy hacks to help your working life and personal life glide along together effortlessly.

Woman doing breathing exercises Woman doing breathing exercises

Try a simple breathing exercise to help improve focus

Breathing exercises can help refresh your perspective and focus. If you are facing a challenging day, try to pause for a few moments instead of pushing through stress. One of the simplest breathing exercises is the 5-4-3-2-1 technique, which you can do anywhere. Take several slow, deep breaths and reconnect to your senses and the present moment. Notice five things you can see, four you can hear, three you can feel, two you can smell and one you can taste. Once your mind is clear, you’ll be able to tackle tasks with ease. If you have a Samsung Watch, or a phone with the Samsung Health app, built-in breathing exercises make it even easier to reconnect to the here and now.

Notebook with a to-do list Notebook with a to-do list
Samsung Notes Samsung Notes
Track everything you need to remember with the Samsung Notes app.
Type by keyboard, write by hand with the S-Pen or even draw freehand – whatever method works for you.

Make progress by tackling small tasks first

We create lists to help us remember what we want to achieve in a day, but using them effectively is an entirely different matter. Often, we push the biggest or most important tasks to the top, and let the little things flounder. The Zeigarnik Effect states that people are hardwired to remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks. Essentially, the items you push to the bottom of your to-do list are the ones that take up the most brain space. No matter how small, forgotten tasks can cloud your mind, so try to confront seemingly insignificant tasks first. With each item you tick off, you should find your mental clarity returning, and be in a better position to sink your teeth into bigger projects.

Woman stretching while working Woman stretching while working

Practice the art of singletasking

Sometimes we celebrate multitasking as some sort of superpower. However, alternating between tasks can often give the mere illusion of productivity, rather than actually helping us maximise our output. Carlson’s Law is a psychological theory from the 1950s that states it takes less time and energy to complete a task in one go than if you stop and start. Switching between tasks diminishes your intellectual capacity. Even something as simple as responding to an email can interrupt your flow, so try to give your undivided attention and focus on what you are doing in a given moment instead of taking on too much at once. Switching on flight mode on your phone can help eliminate those distractions.

Man listening to music on Samsung Galaxy Buds Man listening to music on Samsung Galaxy Buds

Choose music that helps you concentrate

Music for wellness is a topic that is fast on the rise in the self-care space. People are increasingly listening to music to support a particular goal, such as relaxing or improving focus. Listening to natural sounds, like that of a thunderstorm or a rainforest, can help induce a state of zen, whereas tuning in to the rousing masterpieces of classical composers can help you feel energised and able to concentrate. This is especially applicable if you work in a creative sphere. Experts believe that having a minor ambient distraction in your working environment can benefit the creative process. Try using Galaxy Buds Live to minimise external disruptions – innovative Active Noise Cancelling technology can help keep your mind from wandering.

Woman working on her laptop in a park Woman working on her laptop in a park

Switch up the scenery with connective technology

Many different scientific and psychological studies support the idea that switching up your working environment can help improve your focus. If you find yourself unable to concentrate, try moving away from your office or work-from-home setup to a coffee shop or park instead – a technique that can also help to unlock creativity. With Samsung, you can use Bluetooth to connect your devices – from laptop and tablet to phone – making it easy to work and manage your side hustle from anywhere.

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