Add or Take Out Laundry after the Wash Cycle has Started

Last Update date : Aug 30. 2021

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Note: If you have activated Child Lock, you must deactivate it first.

Needing to add or take out laundry after starting your wash cycle on your Samsung washing machine? You can add or take out laundry items even after the wash cycle has started.

Follow the guides below for washing machines with the  AddWash function, and for washing machines without.

Washing Machines with Addwash:

For Samsung washing machines that have the  AddWash function, when the  AddWash indicator turns on, you can stop the washing machine and put additional laundry or softener into the drum. You can also take items out.

Note: The AddWash function is applicable to the following models: 

WD85T654DSE, WW85T554DAB, WW12TP54DSH, WD85T554DBW, WD95T754DBT, WD85T984DSH, WW95T754DBT, WW85T754DBT, WW95T654DLE, WW85T654DLE, WW85T984DSH, WW85T554DAW, WW75K54E0UW

1 Press and hold the Start/Pause button to stop operation.
2 Press the upper area of the Add Door until you here a clicking sound to unlock. Pull the handle of the Add Door to open.
Samsung Washer Add Door
3 Open the Add Door and insert additional laundry, softener or to take items out.
Samsung Washer Add Door
4 Push to lock the Add Door until you hear a clicking sound.

Caution: Do not use excessive force on the Add Door as it may break.

5 Press and hold the Start/Pause button to resume operation.

Washing Machines without Addwash:

If you have a Samsung washing machine without the AddWash function, follow the steps below for more information:

1 Press and hold the Start/Pause button to stop operation.
2 After 3 minutes you will hear a click and the door to the washing machine will unlock. Open the door and take out or add laundry.
3 Press and hold the Start/Pause button to resume operation.

Please refer to our User Manual and Guides to confirm if this function is available on your Samsung Washing Machine.

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