Enjoy a clear and smooth display on your Galaxy S20 | S20+ | S20 Ultra with dynamic refresh rate options

Last modified : Mar 12. 2020

The Galaxy S20 Dynamic AMOLED 2X display has a refresh rate for a clearer and smoother display when you use any apps - especially games or videos on your device. While previous Galaxy devices had a refresh rate of 60 Hz, the S20 series can reach 120 Hz.

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A refresh rate, also referred to as Hz (Hertz) is the number of times a display can update an image in 1 second. Most mobile phones use 60 Hz, i.e. 60 refreshes per second on your browser.


A higher Hz (or refresh rate) enables less lag and stuttering on display and faster screen response. Movies and videos with a lot of motion appear more realistic.

two images comparing refresh rates

Enhanced dynamic refresh rate on your Galaxy S20 AMOLED 2X

Display quality, previously used only for high-performance gaming monitors is now available on the Galaxy S20 series. You can change the display from 60 Hz to 120 Hz. This will allow you to enjoy more realistic animations and games.

How to set the dynamic refresh rate on your Galaxy S20

Step 1. Go to Settings and tap the Display menu.

Step 2. From the menu list, tap Motion smoothness. Tap High refresh rate.

image of Galaxy S20 device setting the refresh rate


  • 120 Hz refresh rate is not supported on WQHD+ resolution. If you switch to this resolution, the refresh rate will drop to 60 Hz. 
  • You get longer battery life when using 60 Hz.

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