Find My Mobile

Lost your device?
Now it's even easier to find it.

No need to panic, we'll get your Galaxy back. Find My Mobile gives you access to the location of your device, even when it’s offline. You can also backup its data to Samsung Cloud, block access to Samsung Pay, and even control it remotely – all on the Find My Mobile website. And with the SmartThings app, you can locate your other Galaxy devices through SmartThings Find.

London is shown in the background. In the foreground, a laptop screen shows the location of a lost device on a map, with the date and time of the tracked location.

What should I do
if I have lost my device?

Access the ‘Find My Mobile’ service and find or lock your device and back up data.

* To use the ‘Find My Mobile’ service,
1) You must have set up your Samsung account on your device.
2) You allow Google to collect your location information and agree to the Use wireless networks term and conditions.
* Locate my device : Availability may vary depending on your device and/or OS.
* Back up data : If your device is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, it will connect to your mobile network and this may result in additional charges depending on your payment plan.

Unlock your screen even if
you've forgotten your password

Even if you have forgotten the screen lock code for your device
(e.g., PIN, password, pattern, fingerprints and irises), you don't need to worry anymore.
You can reset the screen lock remotely from the Find My Mobile website.

* You must have set up your Samsung account on the device. When you enable this feature, your biometric data, such as your fingerprints and irises, will also be deleted from the device.
* From Android P OS, to unlock your device, previously you must turn on 'Remote unlock' menu in the device setting menu.

You're locking your device with a remote control from the find my mobile website on a laptop.

How to use

Find simple ways to use 'Find My Mobile'

  • FMM Set up
  • Offline finding set up
  • Visit the find my mobile website

FMM Set up

Offline finding set up

Visit the find my mobile website

Find out more

Find out more about 'Find My Mobile' by clicking on the button below.

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Do you have more questions?

* Device and screen images simulated for illustrative purposes.
** Support services may vary by country/region/carrier.
*** The device must be turned on and logged in to your Samsung account.
**** Offline Finding is currently supported on Galaxy smartphones and tablets with at least Android 8.0, Galaxy Watch3, and Galaxy Buds Live. Additional devices will be added in future.
***** The Offline Finding feature for your Galaxy watch and earbuds can be enabled within the Galaxy Wearable app. The connected phone or tablet’s offline finding settings will also be applied to your Galaxy watch and earbuds.
****** Your lost Galaxy watch or earbuds can only be located if offline finding has been enabled while connected to your mobile device.
******* You can also locate lost devices using the SmartThings Find feature within the SmartThings app. To use SmartThings Find, Find My Mobile must be turned on (go to Settings > Biometrics and security > Find My Mobile).
******** To be a helper device, you need to agree to the use of location information and Privacy Notice.
********* Helper devices do not indicate the exact location of the lost device.