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Washing Machine Buying Guide

White Samsung washing machine with quick drive and addwash.

Washing machine buying guide

With a wide range of washing machines on the market, knowing what to look for can be difficult, when buying a new one. The most important things to consider are size and capacity, but you should also think about which features you’re going to need. Compare washing machines with our handy guide, and find out which is right for you.

Understanding washing machine capacity

Washing machine capacity is given in kilograms; it refers to the maximum load weight a particular model can hold. The larger the capacity, the more items you’ll be able to wash at once.

Capacity usually refers to cottons

It’s worth remembering that this usually refers to cotton programs only; the usable capacity for other cycles may differ.¹

Washing machine sizes and measuring advice

Washing machine dimensions can vary, so you should always double check the width, height and depth of your washing machine against the space that’s available.

Always include clearance

Remember to factor in clearance space too; washing machines require a gap of at least 50mm at the back and 25mm at either side, to accommodate piping.

Stack to fit in small spaces

Stacking kits can be used to fit washers and dryers on top of one another if space is at a premium in your home.

Make sure machines will stack

Stacking kits are only designed for specific models, so you’ll need to make sure you buy one that’s compatible with both appliances.

White washing machine dimensions of depth, width, height

Should I buy a washer dryer?

Combined washer dryers are a popular option for those living in flats, or more compact houses without a separate utility area or the outdoor space to hang laundry to dry.

Washing machine programs explained

It might sound obvious, but it’s worth getting to grips with the different wash programs out there to ensure you’re running the best cycle for your load.

The clothes are being washed inside the washing machine.

Features to Look Out For

Modern washing machines come with lots of additional features that are designed to make the laundry process easier.

Modern family kitchen designed with white Samsung washing machine.

Energy Efficiency

Washing machines are rated according to their energy efficiency, with the most efficient appliances achieving A since 1st March 2021.

How to reduce energy consumption

You can also wash at lower temperatures or select Eco Wash programs to reduce energy consumption whenever you do your laundry.

Ecobubble™ technology

Samsung’s Ecobubble™ technology also washes clothes at lower temperatures, helping you to launder more sustainably – and cut down on your energy bills.

QuickDrive™ technology

Samsung’s QuickDrive™ technology saves energy too. because it can reduce washing time by up to 50%.*

*Samsung QuickDrive™ WW8800M vs Samsung WW8500K (5kg 40°C Cotton wash).

Washing machine maintenance

Follow these simple tips to get the most out of your new appliance for many years to come.

Cleaning washing machine

Washing machine maintenance tips

  • Don’t overload your washing machine - it can impact the drum movement and cause damage to the motor, causing it to breakdown

  • Don’t leave damp laundry in your machine – it can lead to a build-up of moisture and mould

  • Check the hosing every month or so to make sure there are no cracks, blockages or leaks

Water cleaning of inner washing machine

How to clean a washing machine

You should clean the drum regularly to stop it from smelling musty, and ensure your next laundry load is free from any residue.

  • If your washing machine comes with a clean cycle (such as Eco Tub Clean, Clean Tub or ECO Drum Clean), run this once in every 40 washes to remove detergent residue and build-up

  • If your washing machine doesn’t have a cleaning cycle, wipe the drum down with a cloth and run a hot wash on the empty machine

  • Remove and clean the detergent drawer every so often, to get rid of any soap reside or mildew, unless you have a StayClean Drawer that does this for you

  • You should clean your washing machine filters to avoid drainage and water problems

  • Mesh filters – which are located at the water supply – should be cleaned once or twice a year

  • You should also clean your debris filter 5-6 times annually

Ready to buy?

Whether you’re looking for a large capacity washing machine , a space-saving washer dryer or a handy new tumble dryer , Samsung’s range of washers will have your laundry squeaky clean in no time.