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Got your heart set on your dream matte or easy clean stainless steel fridge freezer? Our choice of finishes stand out in any kitchen.

The finishing touches

The little details make all the difference

Your pick of a line-up of finishes, all designed to work around you.
Will you go for a black gloss American Fridge Freezer or a real stainless steel fridge?
Decisions, decisions.

Sleek without the shine

Matte stainless steel Fridge Freezer

A classic stainless steel fridge finish that combines striking vertical lines with dark silver steel. If you like things that match, it’s the exact finish as our matte stainless steel oven.

The real deal

Real stainless steel Fridge Freezer

100% stainless steel is a rare beauty. Naturally super sturdy and designed to last, it’s a great choice if you want the ultimate Fridge Freezer in your kitchen.

Let it shine

Gloss silver Fridge Freezer

You’ve found the perfect silver Fridge Freezer, and better still it comes in a glossy finish. It blends so well with a whole host of different kitchen styles.

Shades of grey

Inox Fridge Freezer

When silver is too light and black is too dark, there’s Inox. It gives you the effect of silver but in a much deeper hue – perfect if you’ve set your sights on a grey American Fridge Freezer.

The brushed look

Stainless Black Fridge Freezer

Just imagine that centrepiece black Fridge Freezer, finished with stainless steel. It has an eye-catching horizontal brushed effect that will work seamlessly in any modern kitchen.

Gloss up

Gloss Black Fridge Freezer

No grain or horizontal brushed effect, just the right amount of gloss for when only a sleek black Fridge Freezer will do.

Pure reflection

Gloss White Fridge Freezer

There’s something so fresh about a white Fridge Freezer. With just a touch of gloss, this finish is all about clean simplicity.

Fingerprint proof

Easy clean steel Fridge Freezer

Got little ones? Our easy clean steel finish stops them messing with the look of your silver Fridge Freezer as it doesn’t show up sticky fingerprints.

Dark and sleek

Refined stainless steel Fridge Freezer

The long horizontal grain makes this stand out from other stainless steel Fridge Freezers. It’s a touch darker too.

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