How does QLED improve the Galaxy Book screen

IImage of QLED screen on Galaxy Book

Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion bring QLED screens to Samsung notebooks for the first time. It's VDE certified for 100% colour volume, it's extremely bright and it delivers professional-grade colour accuracy. The incredibly slim bezel and wide 178-degree viewing angle mean that all your content, from movies to photos, will come to life giving you a truly immersive viewing experience.

Certified for colour accuracy by the world-renowned VDE, QLED screens deliver 100% colour volume. This is a world of difference when compared to conventional notebook displays, which provide approximately 50 to 70% colour volume. Compared to conventional LCD screens, QLEDs can display a wider range of colours more accurately, giving you rich, life-like and accurate colours.


QLED Colour Mode


You can choose optimal QLED colours via Samsung Settings, choosing between Auto, Dynamic, Standard, Reading, Natural and Professional Profile.


Video HDR+


Video HDR+ applies HDR (High Dynamic Range) effects to the full screen, transforming dark or blurry parts of photos, videos, games and images into more vibrant and clear pictures. 

Colour Gamut

Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion 13"

Coverage | Area

Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion 15"

Coverage | Area


99.66% | 110.24%

99.88% | 102.47%


99.93% | 138.42%

100.00% | 128.67%

Adobe RGB

94.08% | 118.65%

93.96% | 110.29%

Galaxy Book Ion screen shown displaying high quality colour volume

Thanks to the QLED screen you can enjoy incredibly bright pictures wherever you are. In Normal Mode, the QLED screen can go up to 400 nits in brightness and when in Outdoor Mode the peak brightness increases up to 600 nits.


Conventional LCD monitors have a peak brightness that ranges from 200 to 400 nits and tablet devices generally range from 200 to 300 nits. That means the Book Flex and Book Ion screen is roughly twice as bright.


Outdoor mode is especially useful on a sunny day when you're viewing the screen under direct sunlight. It will allow you to watch movies, surf the web and work on documents in any bright environment without losing clarity.

Galaxy Book Ion showing normal compared to outdoor mode on the QLED screen

The Book Flex and Book Ion have incredibly slim bezels around their QLED screens. The bezel measures just 5.2mm to the left and right of the screen. Having a slimmer bezel makes the screen look even wider and delivers less distraction for a truly immersive viewing experience for everything you love to do.


Because of the slim bezels, the Book Flex and Book Ion have a truly high Screen-to-body ratio (SBR). The 13" model has an 85.3% SBR and the 15" has an even higher 87% SBR. It also has a wide viewing angle of 178°, giving you minimal distortion of picture quality from any angle.

Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion 13"

Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion 15"

Screen-to-Body ratio



Left / right bezel



Galaxy Book Ion has a very slim bezel

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