Canning on your Samsung cooktop

Pot boiling on Samsung gas cooktop

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try canning or preserving food, but have never done it because you’re nervous. After all, some manufacturers claim that you shouldn’t can on a smooth cooktop. Well, we’re here to tell you that with the right precautions you can do it on a Samsung cooktop, even if it’s the smooth kind!

Is my Samsung cooktop safe to can on?

The short answer is yes, but it all depends on what kind of cooktop you own.

If you have a gas cooktop, you won’t have any problems because the canning process won't scratch or damage the cooktop.

On the contrary, if you have an electric or induction cooktop, there are a few things to keep in mind to prevent damage to the cooktop’s surface. You'll still be able to can, though. Please see the next section for some guidelines for keeping your cooktop unscathed.

Prevent damage to your cooktop

If you have a smooth cooktop such as an electric or induction cooktop, here are some tips you can follow to keep your cooktop pristine.

  • First, while canning, never drag the pot across the top of the cooktop. Even if a pot is super heavy and full of water, make sure to always lift it straight up because dragging can damage the cooktop’s surface.

  • We've tested weights up to 65 pounds, which should be more than enough, but there really isn’t a limit on how heavy a canning pot can be. The main thing to consider is that the heavier the pot is, the more likely you are to drag it across the surface instead of lifting it correctly, so know your strength.

  • Only use pots with a completely flat and smooth bottom. The pot also shouldn’t have any ridges or anything like that. If it’s not flat underneath, it will be harder to for the pot to heat up and the contents may not come to a full boil. It may also cause damage to the cooktop.

    Woman holding a pot with a smooth bottom
  • Your pot needs to match the size of the heating element. It can’t be more than 1 inch bigger in diameter (or 1/2 inch over on each side). If it is too big or goes over the side, it will cause damage to the cooktop. For instance, the cooktop may become discolored or the pot may become fused to the cooktop, which could cause it to crack.

    Pot on Samsung Induction Cooktop

Tips for a good canning experience

Now you know what to do to prevent any mishaps on your smooth cooktop. But what about the actual canning part? We can offer some tips for you to get the best results.

  • To can properly, you have to maintain a boil. Proper boiling may not occur depending on the size and power of your burner, the amount of water being used, or the size and shape of your pot. It's best to do a test run with just your pot and water and confirm it maintains the boil.

  • The canner pot needs to have enough space for jars to move around. If the pot is too small, it can cause problems with boiling, which will affect the canning process.

  • Only use jars and lids that are meant for canning, such as mason jars made by Ball. Other types of jars or lids could break or may not can the food properly. 

    A Ball mason jar filled with food
  • Inspect your jars for cracks, dints, or any other kind of damage. If you see any damage, dispose of the jars and do NOT use them because they could break or shatter under pressure.

  • Do not overfill jars and do not reuse lids. This can prevent the cans from sealing properly.

  • Do not place hot jars (that were just used for canning) in a cold area or near cold items. This can cause the jar's glass to shatter.

  • Make sure to clean the tops of lids before you place them on the jar. Food particles, dust, or other debris could be on the lid and could possibly contaminate the contents of the jar.

If you have more questions or concerns about canning, you can find more information on the National Center For Home Food Preservation's website.

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