Layout of the G7 and G9 Gaming Monitor

Last Update date : Oct 15. 2021

Below you can find a detailed run down on the layout, ports and basic functions of the G7 & G9 QLED Gaming Monitor.

G7 & G9 QLED Gaming Control Panel

G7 & G9 QLED Gaming Monitor Control Panel

Parts Description
JOG Button Multi directional button that helps navigate.
Power LED This LED is power status indicator.
―You can select the power LED operation to be enabled or disabled on the menu screen. (Menu → System → Power LED On)
Function Key Guide To use the Function Key Guide, press the JOG button when the screen is turned on.
―When the product not displays the OSD menu, the JOG Button could be used as below.
―Up : Change the settings for Brightness, Contrast and Sharpness. ―Down : Change the Volume setting.
―Left or Right : Change the Source setting.
―PRESS(ENTER): The selected item will be applied.
Source icon Source Changes the input source. A message will appear on the top left corner of the screen if the input source has been changed.
Menu icon Menu Displays the main on-screen menu.
PIP/PBP icon PIP/PBP Enables the PIP/PBP mode.
Power off icon Power Off Turns off the product.
Return icon Return Exits from the menu page.

G7 QLED Gaming Monitor Ports

G& Gaming Monitor

G9 QLED Gaming Monitor Ports

G9 Gaming Monitor

Port Description
Headphone icon Connect to an audio output device such as headphones or earphones.
HDMI IN                                   Connects to a source device using an HDMI cable or HDMI-DVI cable.
Connects to a PC using a DP cable.
USB icon(PC IN) Connects to a PC using a USB cable. Compatible with a USB cable version 3.0 or lower.
―This port can only connect to a PC.
USB 1 icon (SERVICE)
USB 2 icon
Connect to a USB device.
―C27G75TQS / C32G75TQS model only.
― Super charging is possible using the USB 2 icon port only. This port charges devices faster than typical USB port.
The speed depends on the connected devices.
USB icon
Connect to a USB device.
―C49G95TS model only.
DC 22V Connects to the AC/DC adapter.
―C27G75TQS model only.
DC 24V Connects to the AC/DC adapter.
―C32G75TQS model only.
Power Cord icon Connect the power cord for your monitor to the (POWER IN) port on the back of the product.
―C49G95TS model only.

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