Picture Modes for the G7 and G9 Gaming Monitor

Last Update date : Aug 18. 2020

The Odyssey Gaming Monitors compliments your gaming system in every way, so that you get the experience intended by their developers. Whether you're playing a First-Person Shooter, Real-Time Strategy or Role Playing Game, there is a picture mode for each one to maximize your gaming. Even when the monitor isn't being used for gaming, you also have different picture modes when using AV mode. It really has the best of both worlds for your viewing enjoyment.


Below is a list of all options available with an explanation of what each mode is intended for.

Please Note:

  • This menu is not available when Eye Saver Mode is enabled.
  • This menu is not available when PIP/PBP is enabled.
  • Picture Mode is disabled when the input is a HDR signal.

In PC Mode

  • Custom: Customise the screen settings.
  • High Bright: Maximise the screen brightness.
  • FPS: Increase the brightness of darker areas of the FPS (First-Person Shooter) game screen. This mode increases the visibility of your enemies during a FPS (First-Person Shooter) game.
  • RTS: Increase the colour temperature and contrast ratio to improve visibility of the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) screen and minimap.
  • RPG: This mode is optimised for 3D graphics and instant messaging on the RPG (Role Playing Game) game screen.
  • AOS: Increase the contrast ratio to obtain a picture quality optimised for the AOS (Aeon Of Strife) game screen.
  • sRGB: Adjust the colour system to sRGB mode. This is the standard mode of this monitor.
  • Cinema: Obtain the brightness and sharpness of monitors suitable for enjoying video and DVD content.
  • Dynamic Contrast: Obtain balanced brightness through automatic contrast adjustment.

In AV Mode

  • When the external input is connected through HDMI/DP and PC/AV Mode is set to AV, Picture Mode has four picture settings (Dynamic, Standard, Movie and Custom) that are preset at the factory. You can activate either Dynamic, Standard, Movie or Custom. You can select Custom which automatically recalls your personalised picture settings.
  • Dynamic: Select this mode to view a sharper image than in Standard mode.
  • Standard: Select this mode when the surroundings are bright.
  • Movie: Select this mode when the surroundings are dark. This will save power and reduce eye fatigue.
  • Custom: Select this mode when you want to adjust the image according to your preferences.

Please Note:

  • The Picture Mode feature is only activated at a certain AV resolution, such as 720p @ 60Hz and 1080p @ 60Hz.

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