Samsung Ice Maker won't Dispense Ice

Last modified : Jun 06. 2019

If you're having trouble with the ice maker in your Samsung refrigerator, we've got a couple of things to check on this page. It's also a good idea to check the User Manual for your specific fridge as this page only covers generalised information to cover most models.

Troubleshoot a Samsung Ice Maker:

1 Check the Child Lock is Off

With Child Lock active, none of the buttons on the control panel will work; and the water/ice dispenser won't function. Turning Child Lock on or off depends on the specific model. The control panel should have a button labelled Lock or Child Lock. Pressing this button until you hear a chime will release child lock. Other common button combinations are listed below.

Ice Off button: Hold for 3 seconds (or until you hear a chime) to turn Child Lock off. If the Ice Off indicator is lit, the Ice maker is off. Press it once to turn the ice maker on.

Lighting button: Press and hold for 3 seconds and wait for a chime to indicate the Child Lock is released.

Vacation + Fridge buttons: Press both buttons simultaneously until you hear a chime to turn off Child Lock.

2 Inspect the Ice Bucket

Put two hands on the Ice Bucket and lift the Ice Bucket slightly and pull it out towards you. If there is ice in the bucket, but it's clumped together; dump the ice and let the ice maker make new ice. Ice can clump if the ice maker isn't used very often or you have the temperature for the freezer set too low. For prolonged periods of time where the ice maker does not get used, turn the ice maker off to prevent more ice being produced and jamming within the bucket. If there's no ice, continue to the next step.

The fridge has an automatic defrost function, which will cause the ice in the ice bucket to melt slightly when it's left in the ice bucket for too long. Dispensing ice more regularly will help to keep ice from fusing together and creating a clump in the ice bucket.

3 Measure the water pressure

Dispense water into a measuring cup for a full 10 seconds. If the water fills less than 2/3 cup, you'll need to increase the water pressure to the fridge. A clogged water filter is often a culprit of poor water pressure. If you don't get any water from the water dispenser, you'll need to ensure the water line is connected. When the water filter icon displays red, it is time to change the water filter. For further instructions on how to change the water filter, go to our page on installing a water filter in a Samsung fridge.

4 Test the Ice Maker

Performing a test on the Ice Maker will force the ice maker to go through it's normal movements. You'll hear the motor running and a small amount of water will dispense at the end. Test the ice maker by pressing and holding the test button on the ice maker. The test button will be on the side or bottom of the ice maker. You'll hear a response tone at the press of the button, and another tone at the end to indicate the ice maker is functional.


You can find more information on testing different variations of Ice-Makers at: Test the ice maker in a Samsung fridge.

Press and hold the Test button for 3 seconds until you hear a chime

Please Note: Do not perform an ice maker reset more than once in 24 hours except in the case that the first test fails or the tone is never heard. Unplug the fridge from the wall or switch off the power at the switch board. Leave the fridge off for 2 to 3 minutes, and try the test button again after restoring power to the fridge.

If the ice maker fails, doesn't perform the test at all, please contact our Samsung Care experts at Live Chat Australia or 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia) for further assistance.

5 Check the Ice Dispenser opening

If the ice dispenser opening is clogged with ice, clear the blockage by running warm water through the ice bucket opening. Be sure to completely dry the ice bucket before replacing it in the fridge.

If you require more information, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page. Otherwise, please get in touch with our Samsung Care Australia experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia) or contact our Live Chat Australia team.

Thank you for your feedback!

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