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Last modified : Dec 05. 2019

If you're finding food in your fridge isn't keeping as fresh as it used to, or you're not getting hit with a blast of really cool air when you open the fridge doors - we've got some things to check to make sure your refrigerator is cooling at an optimal temperature. If your fridge isn't cool enough, or not cooling at all, the tips on this page should hopefully help you figure out what's going on. The table below sets out recommended operating temperatures for fridges stored inside (or in a temperature-controlled environment). If your fridge is outside where it gets much hotter or cooler than it does inside the house you may need to adjust accordingly. Please check the full User Manual for your fridge for specific operating temperatures.

Recommended Temperatures


Suggested Temperature

Freezer Compartment

-15°c to -20°c (5°f to -4°f)

Fridge Compartment

4°c to 2°c (39.2°f to 35.6°f)

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1 Make sure the fridge can breathe

It's best to leave at least 5cm around the back and sides of the fridge for ventilation. The fridge will struggle to expel all of the heat from inside the fridge if the air has nowhere to go. Check out the page on how much free space should I allow around my refrigerator for a more detailed explanation.

2 Keep the fridge stocked - not full to the brim

Overloading the fridge or stacking items too close to the vents inside will keep the air from circulating inside when the fan is on. This might be the cause of some warm spots. On the other hand, too few items inside the fridge can negatively affect the temperature. If you've got lots of space, add some bottles of water to help the fridge keep cool.

3 Check the seals

Test the door seals by placing a torch inside the fridge pointing outwards to see if you can find any gaps, tears, holes or dirt in the seals. You can also run your finger around the seals when the door is closed. If you can see any light, or feel any cool air escaping, you will need to get in touch to organise a service to repair the door seals. You can talk to our Samsung Care experts at Live Chat Australia or call 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia).

4 Keep it clean and tidy

Keep things inside the fridge stacked neatly to ensure good airflow. Cleaning the seals and door frame will help keep the fridge from losing any cool air.

5 Keep the doors shut

Opening and closing the doors frequently will let all of the cool air out of the fridge. If you notice the doors are not shutting properly check that no food or drinks are in the way and stopping the doors from closing properly. If you have checked and reorganised your fridge contents and the doors are still not closing, please get in touch to organise a service request. Also, be mindful of putting hot food into the fridge - anything hot inside the fridge will raise the temperature and it can take up to 2 hours to even out again.

6 Make sure the fridge is level

It is important that your fridge is level. Having a fridge that is not level can greatly affect the cooling efficiency and durability.

7 Allow the appliance to stand after installation

Once you have installed your fridge, levelled it and turned on, you need to let the fridge rest for 2 - 3 hours before loading anything in it.

8 Placement of the Fridge

Ensure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight and never place it near a direct source of heat (e.g Oven)

9 Storing of hot food

Hot food inside your fridge can make the cooling of it slower, as the fridge will need to work harder to cool down the hot food.

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1 Check the power supply

Is it turned on? It is a silly question but it's the first thing to check if your fridge isn't cooling at all. Make sure the power cable is securely plugged into the outlet, and double-check the switch board or fuse box if you have easy access to it.

2 Check for Cooling Off or Demo Mode

If your fridge has a display and is showing OF OF or has scrolling temperature bars, the fridge is in Cooling Off mode. Some models have an additional setting that can turn cooling off in one compartment only.

Turn off Cooling Off mode: Press and hold both the Energy Saver and Power Freeze buttons for 3 seconds (This method may vary across different models - please check the full User Manual for your fridge).

3 Vacation Mode

Vacation mode will keep the freezer on, but the fridge compartment will run at 15°c which will feel warmer than usual. Vacation mode is only available on certain models - and there will be a Vacation icon on the display (it looks like a power plug).

Turn off Vacation mode: If the display has a Vacation button, press it once to turn off vacation mode. If you don't see a Vacation button, press and hold the Child Lock button for 3 seconds.

If you require more information, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page. Otherwise, please get in touch with our Samsung Care Australia experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia) or contact our Live Chat Australia team.

Thank you for your feedback!

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