Samsung POWERbot Cleaning Modes

Last Update date : Jan 17. 2024

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Note: The POWERbot has now been discontinued.

Samsung POWERbot Vacuum.

The Samsung POWERbot vacuum uses the Visionary Mapping Plus System which finds the optimal route for fast-track cleaning. Using individual high performance smart sensors and an on-board digital camera it determines the most efficient cleaning path by creating a map of your home.

Your POWERbot vacuum gives you the choice of different cleaning modes to choose from.


  • If the POWERbot returns to the docking station before completing the cleaning process, generally it would be due to the battery running low. Once the POWERbot has been sufficiently charged, it will resume where it had finished.


1. Start/Pause (Auto Clean): Select to clean all set areas only once and then automatically return to the docking station.

2. Spot Clean: Select to clean a localised area intensely.

3. Repeat Clean: Select to clean repeatedly until the battery becomes very low with indicator blinking.

For Manual Clean: Select using the direction buttons on the remote control.

powerbot-e remote 



1. Start/Pause (ZigZag Cleaning)

When in standby mode, it can start the appliance or press pause for zigzag cleaning.

2. Spot Cleaning

Cleaning a certain zone is a spiral motion.

3. Edge Cleaning

Cleaning by the edge of obstacles.

4. Auto Cleaning

The robot will clean randomly.

For Manual Cleaning

Use direction keys on the remote control to start.

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