Using the Samsung POWERstick PRO Vacuum.

Last modified : Jun 04. 2020

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The Samsung POWERstick PRO Vacuum is a convenient vacuum that allows you to access those hard to reach areas that other vacuums may not. Also, with its sleek design, it is almost effortless to carry around to anywhere you need.

To keep your POWERstick PRO operating at its peak performance, there will be some maintenance you’ll need to perform from time to time.


Below are some instructions on cleaning your vacuum and also how to use some of its features.

Using the Flex Handle.

Flexi Handle
  • Press the Flex Handle button to release the Flex Handle. The Flex Handle will now move up and down as you clean.
  • The movement of the Flex Handle will protect your wrist or arm as it helps you to manoeuvre the vacuum and clean more comfortably.
  • To lock the handle in place again, move it back to its original position. When you hear it click, it will lock in place.

How do I use Turbo Mode on my POWERstick PRO?

Turbo mode
  • While the vacuum is turned on, press and hold the turbo mode button to turn on the turbo mode.
  • Release the turbo mode button to return to the normal mode.

Please Note: The POWERstick PRO can be used for 7 Minutes in Turbo Mode and 40 Minutes in Normal Mode

What to do if Your Samsung POWERstick Pro Stops During Cleaning?

If your Samsung POWERstick PRO stops during operation and you cannot get it to operate again, it doesn’t necessarily mean the unit is faulty. On most occasions, this would usually be due to the Motor Protection Mode.

The Motor Protection Mode occurs when the filter is clogging. When this happens, you will hear 3 abnormal sounds within 8 seconds. This is an automatic feature to help protect the vacuum motor.

Even if the dustbin is clean, the Motor Protection Mode will still activate if the filter is clogged.


Follow the steps below to clean the filter:

1 Remove the dustbin by pressing the just above and pull the dustbin away from the vacuum cleaner.
POWERstick Pro
2 At the top of the dustbin is the filter. Once located, just pull the filter out.
POWERstick Pro
3 Lift up the lid on the filter cartridge.
POWERstick Pro
4 Lift the filter up and out of the cartridge.
POWERstick Pro
5 Clean the filter with warm water.
Note: Do not use harsh chemicals as it may damage the filter.
POWERstick Pro
6 Once you have cleaned and rinsed the filter, let it dry in the sun.
POWERstick Pro
7 When the filter is completely dry, place it back into the cartridge with the rough side facing down.
POWERstick Pro
8 Close the lid and reverse the process to install the filter cartridge into the dustbin and then onto the vacuum.
POWERstick Pro


  • Test the vacuum without the dustbin installed to ensure it is the filter that is causing the vacuum to stop. Test on a clean surface so that there is no dust being sucked up.
  • Clean the filter and check the vacuum cleaner’s power.

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