How do I access the Home screen settings?

Last modified : Apr 23. 2019

The Home screen settings allows you to access various settings to configure your Home screen.


Follow the steps below to learn how to access your Home screen settings:

Please Note: Screenshots were taken from the Samsung Galaxy S9 running Android OS Version 8.0 (Oreo). Some of the options shown below may not be applicable on your device.

1 Go to the Settings menu > Display.
Settings > Display
2 Tap on Home screen.
Tap Home screen
3 You can configure the settings of your Home screen in this menu.
Home screen settings

What do the Home screen settings do?

Home screen layoutClick to Expand
Home screen layout

You can choose if you would like to have all your apps displayed on the Home screen. Otherwise, selecting the alternative option allows you to swipe up or down on the Home screen to access the Apps page.

Home screen gridClick to Expand
Home screen grid

Allows you to adjust how many tabs can be placed on the Home screen.

Apps screen gridClick to Expand
Apps screen grid

Allows you to adjust how many tabs can be placed on the Apps screen.

Apps buttonClick to Expand
Apps button

Adds an Apps icon shortcut on the Home screen.

App icon badgesClick to Expand
App icon badges

Select how to show icon badges when apps send new notifications.


Click here to learn more about the App icon badge feature. 

Other optionsClick to Expand
Toggle switch to Add apps Home screen, Quic-open notification panel, Portrait mode only

Add apps to Home screen - Newly downloaded apps from Play Store will be added to the Home screen automatically.


Quick-open notification panel - Swipe down to open the notification panel from the Home screen.


Portrait mode only - Prevent the Home screen from rotating to Landscape mode. 

Hide AppsClick to Expand

Hiding applications will remove selected apps from your home screen and apps tray. You will still be able to search for these apps and use them as normal however, you are unable to view them from your home page unless you remove the selected app from Hide Apps.

Follow the below guide to learn how to Hide applications from your Home Screen and Apps Tray.

1 Select Hide Apps
select hide apps
2 Tap the apps you would like to hide then select Apply to finalise changes.
Tap the apps you would like to hide then select apply to finalise changes.

To stop apps from being hidden, simply tap the red - button of your selected app then tap Apply to finalise the changes. 

Lock Home screen layout

Galaxy smartphones operating on Android version 9.0 (Pie) have the option of Locking the Home Screen layout. If you are experiencing issues adding, removing or moving applications on your homepage you may have enabled this feature.

1 Toggle on/ off Lock Home screen layout
Toggle pn/off lock home screen layout
2 Once you have enabled Lock Home screen layout, you will be unable to relocate or remove any applications on the home screen.
can't move item. home screen locked

This also means, if you have enabled this setting you will not be able to add applications from your apps tray to your home screen.

unable to add to home screen while lock has been enabled

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