Why can't i hear anything during a call?

Last modified : Mar 15. 2018
I can't hear anything during a call

If you cannot hear the person on the other line during a voice call, it may due to the volume settings on your device or there may be a problem with your receiver/speaker. Please try the following steps below:

Maximise the Call volumeClick to Expand

Ensure that the volume on your device has been set to the highest level during a voice call.
During a voice call, press the volume button located on the left side of your device, and then tap on the drop down arrow to open the volume settings.
Tap and drag the Call volume bar to the end to maximise the Call volume settings.
If you still cannot hear anything during voice calls, please proceed to the next step.

Maximise the Call volume
Maximise the Call volume
Maximise the Call volume
Restart your deviceClick to Expand

Restart your device and then test it again. If the issue persists, please proceed to the next step.

Restart your device
Update the software to the latest version on your deviceClick to Expand

Click here to see a detailed step-by-step guide to learn how to update the software of your device.

Check with your Service ProviderClick to Expand

Contact your service provider to check the network stability or if there have been any network interruptions in your area.
If your service provider confirms that there is currently an issue, you may need to wait until your service provider resolves the current network problems.

If your service provider confirms that there are no current issues with the service, proceed to the next step.

Start your device in Safe modeClick to Expand

Click here to learn how. Booting your device in Safe Mode will essentially disable all 3rd party apps/services and purely load the Android OS. Try making a voice call to hear if there is any sound coming from the receiver/speaker.
If there is sound, it is highly likely that there is 3rd party interference with the Operating System of your device. It is recommended to Perform a Factory Data Reset in these circumstances. Proceed to Step 7.                                                                  
If there is no sound, it is likely that it is not a software issue.

Check the microphone and receiver of your deviceClick to Expand

Open Voice Recorder and record your voice. Playback the recording to see if you can hear yourself. If you can hear yourself, it is likely that there is an issue with the other end of the voice call or your service provider. If you cannot hear yourself in the voice recording, please proceed to the next step.  
Check to see if the microphone and receiver is blocked/dirty. If it is blocked or dirty, gently brush it off using a dry toothbrush or a brush. After you have cleaned your device, test your device again to see if there is sound.

Perform a Factory Data Reset on your deviceClick to Expand

This will bring your device back to factory default settings just like when you first powered on your device for the first time.


Click here to learn how to perform a Factory Data Reset.

Please Note: Ensure you back up your important data as this process wipes all personal data from your device.

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