Using Clean View on the Galaxy S20

Last Update date : Oct 01. 2020

Having similar images in your gallery can make everything seem cluttered and make it difficult to find the picture you are after. With Clean View, you can save time and effort by grouping together similar images to provide a cleaner and easier viewing experience.


Follow the guide below to turn the Clean View feature on.

1 Tap on Red box with flower in it. Gallery.
Gallery icon.
2 Located at the upper-middle section of your screen are 4 icons. Tap the Small square box icon group images icon on the left.
Group photos icon. Upper middle of screen on the left. Small box.
3 After tapping the icon, all images that are similar to each other will now be grouped. This is indicated by a number in the lower-left corner of an image thumbnail.
Number of grouped photos indicated in lower-left of image thumbnail.
4 Tap on the grouped image file to open the grouped images and select a photo by tapping on the photo icon at the bottom of the screen, or slide either left or right.
Grouped photos shown at bottom of the screen.

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