Power Off Samsung TV Automatically.

Last modified : Mar 21. 2019

To turn off the television automatically, follow the instructions as below: 

2018- Current Samsung Televisions.Click to Expand
1 While your TV is on, open the Menu screen using your remote control or by using the button on your TV, which is located on the bottom edge of the frame.
2 After you have opened the Menu, cycle down until you are in the General settings. Press across and cycle down to select Eco Solution .
General menu and selecting Eco Solution
3 From the Eco Solution settings, at the bottom of the list is Auto Power Off .
Eco Solution settings
4 Once you have selected Auto Power Off, there will be options for you to choose from for when you would like the TV to automatically turn off. Cycle down to choose the length of time and select it. Your TV will then turn off when it reaches the time you have chosen.
Pre-2018 Samsung Televisions.Click to Expand
1 Turn on your television and press the Menu button from your remote control.
Press Menu
2 Scroll down using the navigation keys and select System.
3 Scroll and select Eco Solution.
4 Scroll down to select Auto Power Off.
Auto off
5 Select the timer from the following options. The TV will turn off automatically once the select time period is over.
Select time

For more information, you can download the User Manual specific to your TV from Manuals & Downloads. Otherwise, please get in touch with our Samsung Care experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia) or contact our Live Chat Australia team.

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