How to Control a Samsung TV without a Remote

Last modified : Jun 11. 2020

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If the Remote Control to your Samsung TV has disappeared, you can't find new batteries, or otherwise won't work - you can organise a replacement remote by getting in touch with our Samsung Care experts. Having said that - no remote doesn't mean you can't use your TV.


An option for you to use is the Smart View app for 2011 - 2017 TV models or the SmartThings app for 2016 - 2020 TV models, which you can use on mobile and tablet devices.


All Samsung TVs have a TV control button (sometimes called a TV Controller, Control Stick, or Jog Controller in the User Manual) that will allow you to turn the TV on, change the volume and source input. Most TV models will also allow you to access the Smart Hub, Menu and Settings as well. You're not completely stuck without a Remote Control for your TV. If you are using the manual found online for your particular TV model, it is important that you download the User Manual for the location of the TV Controller and not the e-Manual.


The trickiest part is actually finding the TV control button, as the location of the button varies by TV model. When your TV is off and has power to it, you will see a little red light somewhere around the frame. Wherever you see that little red light, is generally where you will find the button. Below is the three main places to look at when locating the TV Control button.

Please Note: The TV Control button on your television has limited functionality and certain features and/or settings cannot be accessed without the use of a remote control.

On the Back of the TV:

TV controller on the back of the TV

The most likely position of the TV Controller is on the back of the TV in the bottom right corner as you're looking at the TV. The control stick toggles up and down as well as side to side - the menu options will appear on the TV screen when you press the middle button.


Long press the center button to turn the TV on or off. Single press the center button to make a selection. Toggle left, right, up or down to select an option.


The TV models that have the TV controller on the back of the TV is as follows:


2020 models

  • The Serif (QA43LS01TAWXXY) & The Serif (QA55LS01TAWXXY)


2019 models

  • The Serif (QA43LS01RAWXXY) & The Serif (QA55LS01RAWXXY)


2018 models

  • UA43NU7100WXXY, UA49NU7100WXXY, UA55NU7100WXXY, UA65NU7100WXXY, UA75NU7100WXXY & UA58NU7103WXXY


2017 models


  • UA43MU6100WXXY, UA50MU6100WXXY, UA55MU6100WXXY, UA65MU6100WXXY & UA75MU6100WXXY
  • UA50MU6103WXXY, UA55MU6103WXXY, UA65MU6103WXXY & UA75MU6103WXXY
  • UA55MU6300WXXY & UA65MU6300WXXY


2016 models

  • UA40KU6000WXXY, UA50KU6000WXXY, UA55KU6000WXXY, UA60KU6000WXXY, UA65KU6000WXXY & UA75KU6000WXXY


2015 models

  • UA32J5500AWXXY & UA40J5500AWXXY
  • UA40J6200AWXXY, UA55J6200AWXXY & UA60J6200AWXXY
  • UA40JU6400WXXY, UA0JU6400WXXY, UA55JU6400WXXY, UA60JU6400WXXY, UA65JU6400WXXY & UA75JU6400WXXY
  • UA55JU6600WXXY & UA65JU6600WXXY
  • UA55JU7000WXXY, UA60JU7000WXXY, UA65JU7000WXXY, UA75JU7000WXXY & UA85JU7000WXXY
  • UA60JS7200WXXY
  • UA55JU7500WXXY, UA65JU7500WXXY & UA78JU7500WXXY
  • UA55JS8000WXXY & UA65JS8000WXXY
  • UA55JS9000WXXY & UA65JS9000WXXY
  • UA65JS9500WXXY, UA78JS9500WXXY & UA88JS9500WXXY


2014 models

  • UA19H4000AWXXY, UA28H4000AWXXY & UA32H4000AWXXY
  • UA22H5000AWXXY, UA32H5000AWXXY, UA40H5000AWXXY & UA48H5000AWXXY
  • UA32H5500AWXXY, UA40H5500AWXXY & UA48H5500AWXXY
  • UA32H6300AWXXY, UA40H6300AWXXY, UA48H6300AWXXY, UA55H6300AWXXY & UA60H6300AWXXY
  • UA32H6400AWXXY, UA40H6400AWXXY, UA48H6400AWXXY, UA55H6400AWXXY, UA60H6400AWXXY, UA65H6400AWXXY & UA75H6400AWXXY
  • UA55H7000AWXXY, UA60H7000AWXXY & UA75H7000AWXXY
  • UA50HU7000WXXY & UA55HU7000WXXY
  • UA55HU7200WXXY & UA65HU7200WXXY
  • UA55H8000AWXXY & UA65H8000AWXXY
  • UA48HU8500WXXY, UA55HU8500WXXY, UA65HU8500WXXY & UA85HU8500WXXY
  • UA55HU9000WXXY, UA65HU9000WXXY & UA78HU9000WXXY

Under the Front panel in the middle:

TV Controller under the front panel in the middle

The TV Controller situated on the bottom of the TV may have 5 buttons as displayed above, or it could be a single button like the diagram below.

Long press the center button to turn the TV on or off. Single press the center button to make a selection. Press left, right, up or down to select an option.

Frame TV Control Stick

Certain 2018 TVs have a single button controller in the middle of the front bezel. Long press the button to turn the TV on, single press the button to move the focus, and long press to make a selection. To turn the TV off, press the button and long press when the focus is on the Power option on screen.


To access the TV Control stick on The Frame TV models, you'll need to remove the customisable frame from the bottom of the panel to find the TV Controller in the middle. Be careful to not use too much force as the jog function and motion sensor are the one piece. There's only one button on these models - you can tell you're touching the button because the Power symbol is raised (and it's the only thing that will press in).


The TV models that have the TV controller on the back of the TV is as follows:


2020 models

  • UA43TU8000WXXY, UA50TU8000WXXY, UA55TU8000WXXY, UA65TU8000WXXY, UA75TU8000WXXY & UA82TU8000WXXY
  • The Frame (QA43LS03TAWXXY), The Frame (QA50LS03TAWXXY), The Frame (QA55LS03TAWXXY), The Frame (QA65LS03TAWXXY) & The Frame (QA75LS03TAWXXY)


2019 models

  • UA43RU7100WXXY, UA50RU7100WXXY, UA55RU7100WXXY, UA58RU7100WXXY, UA65RU7100WXXY & UA75RU7100WXXY
  • UA55RU8000WXXY, UA65RU8000WXXY & UA82RU8000WXXY
  • The Frame (QA43LS03RAWXXY), The Frame (QA55LS03RAWXXY) & The Frame (QA65LS03RAWXXY)

2018 models

  • UA55NU7400WXXY & UA65NU7400WXXY
  • The Frame (UA43LS03NAWXXY), The Frame (UA55LS03NAWXXY) & The Frame (UA65LS03NAWXXY)


2017 models

  • UA55MU9000WXXY & UA65MU9000WXXY
  • The Frame (UA43LS003AWXXY), The Frame (UA55LS003AWXXY) & The Frame (UA465LS003AWXXY)


2016 models

  • UA55KS9000WXXY, UA65KS9000WXXY & UA75KS9005WXXY

Under the Front panel on the side:

Jog button located under front panel on the side.

Other TV models have the controller situated on the bottom of the bezel, situated on the right-hand side as you're facing the TV.


Single press the button to bring up the menu. Then, single press the button to move along the menu. Long press the center button to make your selection.


The TV models that have the TV controller on the back of the TV is as follows:


2020 models




2019 models

  • UA32N5300AWXXY


2018 models

  • UA55NU8000WXXY, UA65NU8000WXXY, UA75NU8000WXXY & UA82NU8000WXXY
  • UA55NU8500WXXY & UA65NU8500WXXY


2017 models

  • UA32M5500AWXXY & UA43M5500AWXXY
  • UA55MU6400WXXY & UA65MU6400WXXY
  • UA55MU6500WXXY & UA65MU6500WXXY
  • UA55MU7000WXXY, UA65MU7000WXXY, UA75MU7000WXXY & UA82MU7000WXXY
  • UA55MU8000WXXY & UA65MU8000WXXY


2016 models

  • UA43K5310AWXXY
  • UA32K5500AWXXY, UA40K5500AWXXY & UA49K5500AWXXY
  • UA55KU6500WXXY & UA55KU6500WXXY
  • UA43KU7000WXXY, UA49KU7000WXXY, UA55KU7000WXXY & UA65KU7000WXXY
  • UA55KU7500WXXY, UA65KU7500WXXY & UA78KU7500WXXY
  • UA49KU7510WXXY & UA55KU7510WXXY
  • UA55KS8000WXXY, UA65KS8000WXXY & UA60KS8005WXXY


2015 models

  • UA24J4100AWXXY, UA28J4100AWXXY &  UA32J4100AWXXY
  • UA40J5100AWXXY & UA50J5100AWXXY

For 2016 - 2020 TV Models, you can download the SmartThings app to use your mobile device to act as a remote control for your TV.

If you require more information, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page. Otherwise, please get in touch with our Samsung Care Australia experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia) or contact our Chat Support team.

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