Google Home Voice Commands for Samsung TVs

Last Update date : Oct 04. 2022

Samsung Smart TVs now let you sync with Google Home, allowing you the convenience of using voice commands for certain functionalities on your TV. Below you will find what functions are available, their details and what voice commands you can use.

Note: Only smart TVs from 2018 and onwards support Google Home.

Voice commands table




Power control

On & Off

"Okay/Hey Google, turn on living room TV"

"Okay/Hey Google, turn off living room TV"

Volume control

Volume up/down


"Okay/Hey Google, lower the volume on living room TV"

"Okay/Hey Google, volume up on living room TV"

"Okay/Hey Google, set the volume of living room TV to 50"

"Okay/Hey Google, turn the volume down on living room TV by 20"

"Okay/Hey Google, mute/unmute living room TV"

Channel control

Channel up/down

Channel change by number

"Okay/Hey Google, change channel to 91 on living room TV"

"Okay/Hey Google, next channel on living room TV"

"Okay/Hey Google, channel up/down on living room TV"

Input source control

Source change

"Okay/Hey Google, change the input to HDMI1"

Playback control

Play, pause, fast forward, rewind, stop

"Okay/Hey Google, fast forward/rewind on living room TV"

"Okay/Hey Google, next song/video/photo on living room TV"

"Okay/Hey Google, go forward/back on living room TV"

"Okay/Hey Google, , play/pause/resume/stop on living room TV"


For help with connecting Google Home, please go to our page on How to Setup Google Home on a Samsung TV.

If you require further assistance, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page or contact our Samsung Care Australia experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia). You can also contact our Chat Support team or reach us through Samsung Members Community

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