Remote Control Battery for Samsung TV Runs Down Too Fast.

Last Update date : Oct 21. 2020
Samsung remote control

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On selected 2019 Samsung TVs is a function named Far Field Mic. Unlike Near Field Mic, Far Field Mic wakes up and listens to all sound around it. So fast battery consumption is normal when using the Far Field Mic feature.


You can simply turn off Far Field Mic from Bixby Settings by following the instructions below.


  • Press the mic () button for a short time on the remote control to bring up the Bixby Settings.
  • Go to “Explore Now” > Settings > Voice wake-up > Off.
  • In this section, you can also adjust the sensitivity level.
Bixby voice settings


If the remote is placed right in front of the TV, it will try to sense sounds coming from the TV speaker.

If you find yourself constantly having to pair the remote to your TV, this can also drain the batteries. To reduce the need to do this, leave the remote control in the same area as the TV so that the connection between the TV and remote does not drop.

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