How do I use the Samsung DeX?

Samsung DeX allows you to connect your device to a TV or monitor in order to get a desktop experience from your phone. You can also connect to a keyboard and mouse to get an even fuller PC-like experience.


To use Samsung DeX, you will either need a Samsung DeX Station, a Samsung Dex Pad or use the built-in Samsung DeX mode (available on the Galaxy Note9 and  Galaxy Tab S4)


DeX Station Manual

DeX Pad Manual


Compatible devicesClick to Expand

Galaxy S10 and S10 +

Galaxy S10e

Galaxy Note9

Galaxy Note8

Galaxy S9 and S9+

Galaxy S8 and S8+

Galaxy Tab S4


Note that the DeX Pad only supports mobile devices running Android 8.0 or higher, and DeX Mode (inbuilt DeX functionality) is compatible with the Galaxy Note9 and Tab S4

How do I connect my device to a monitor using the DeX Station?Click to Expand
1 Press down gently on the DeX Station to open the lid, then place your device into the DeX, being careful to connect the device with the USB-C connector
2 You will find an HDMI port at the back of your DeX Station. Use an HDMI cable (not included) to connect the DeX to your TV or monitor
3 On your device's screen, you will see a welcome screen. Choose 'Continue' then choose 'Start Samsung DeX'
4 The monitor or TV will show a desktop version of your device
How do I connect a mouse or keyboard?Click to Expand

You can connect a keyboard and mouse either by using the two USB ports at the back of the DeX Station (just plug them in) or via Bluetooth if the mouse and keyboard are Bluetooth enabled.


To connect via Bluetooth, you will need to pair the mouse or keyboard with your device. Go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth >Turn the toggle ON. Your device will now scan for nearby Bluetooth devices

How do I play sound using the DeX Station?Click to Expand

Audio will play via your smartphone or tablet by default. You can change the default speaker to the TV or monitor (if the monitor has inbuilt speakers) or connect independent speakers using the USB ports at the back of the DeX Station or Bluetooth.


To set your preferred audio source, select the triangle on the taskbar, and then choose 'Audio output' at the bottom of the screen.

How do I answer a call using DeX Station?Click to Expand

You can answer a call simply by choosing 'Answer' on the DeX screen or pressing 'Enter' on your keyboard.


To make a call, choose 'Apps' on the home screen of the Dex, then 'Choose Phone' and use your keyboard to type a number the contact you wish to call.

PLEASE NOTE: that if you disconnect your device from the DeX Station to answer a call, it can take a few moments for your device's screen to allow you to tap the 'Answer call' icon.

Can I charge my phone or tablet through the DeX Station?Click to Expand

You can charge your device through the DeX Station, so long as the DeX Station is connected to a Samsung-approved charger.


Fast-charging is not available through the DeX Station with an Adaptive Fast Charger for general smartphones; only standard charging is possible with these chargers.


To fast-charge your device, you must connect a Samsung-approved 12V/2.1A charger. Please note that this is a charger supplied for Samsung Tablet devices.

My DeX Station is making a noise or my device is getting hotClick to Expand

If you have been using the DeX Station for an extended period of time or are using applications that consume a lot of power, your device may begin to warm up.

The DeX Station has an inbuilt fan to keep your device cool, and it will start up when your device reaches a certain temperature.

How do I close a running app when using DeX?Click to Expand

To close an app, either press Esc on your keyboard (if you are using one) or choose the back button (arrow) on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Why do some apps and features not work when using DeX?Click to Expand

You may see the message "Some functions of this app may not be supported in Samsung DeX."


The apps that are supported in DeX use the Multi-Window feature. If the app does not support the Multi-Window feature, it may not work as expected.


Samsung are currently communicating with app developers to increase the range of apps compatible with the DeX.

Can I use my smartphone screen separately to using the DeX screen?Click to Expand

You can use dual screen mode with Dex on the Samsung Note9.

Can I use an S Pen to navigate, write or draw with the Dex?Click to Expand

This is a feature introduced on the Samsung Galaxy Note9.


To use the S Pen:

1 Open Settings > Samsung DeX > Mouse/track pad > Select Flow pointer to phone screen
2 Detach the S Pen from your device and the drawing pad will appear on the touchpad.
How do I change the screen resolution?Click to Expand

The DeX Station supports Full HD (16:9, HDMI supported monitors). If your monitor supports a resolution below Full HD, the DeX screen may appear blurry. DeX mode supports HD+ and WQHD resolutions.

I don’t have an HDMI input on my monitor. Can I use a VGA, DVI or Display Port cable instead?Click to Expand

For best performance, we recommend using a TV or monitor with an HDMI slot. Using a cable that isn’t HDMI to HDMI may mean you have limited or incorrect functionality with the DeX.

Can I use my smartphone as a touchpad?Click to Expand

This was a feature introduced with the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.


To use your Galaxy Note9 as a touchpad while using the DeX, open Settings > Samsung DeX > Mouse/track pad > Flow pointer to phone screen.


To use your Galaxy S10, S10+ or S10e as a touch pad, open the notification panel at the top of your screen and tap Use your phone as a touchpad

Can I connect my device directly without using a DeX Station or a Dex Pad?Click to Expand

The ability to connect your device directly to a monitor using an USB-C to HDMI cable was introduced on the Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Tab S4.


To connect, connect an HDMI adaptor to your device and then connect the cable to an HDMI port on your TV or monitor. Then, on your smartphone’s screen, tap 'Start Samsung DeX'.


For best results, we recommend using the Samsung USB-C to HDMI Converter.

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