How do I tidy up cables on my PC monitor?

Last Update date : Oct 30. 2020
QLED gaming monitor

Monitors have a built in guide to house cables to prevent cable clutters. Follow the instructions to tidy up cables from the back of the monitor:

1 Grab the monitor stand in one hand and remove the rear sub over by placing your palm and pulling the cover with your thumb. See illustration below.
Grab open rear sub cover
2 Place one hand on the back of the stand and use the thumb on your other hand to remove cover-stand neck in the direction of the arrow.
Remove the cover stand
3 First connect the cables to the appropriate ports and then run the cables through the opening on the stand.
Grab open rear sub cover
4 Ensure enough length of the cable is dragged from the tip of the cover stand, atleast 170 mm. Tight cables make it difficult to attach cover and pull the wires from the ports.
Allow loose cables
5 Hold the stand and close the rear sub cover by pressing firmly from right to left.
Allow loose cables
6 Grab the stand with one hand and use the other hand to attach the cover stand neck back in its position. Ensure the cover stand neck with the imprint called OPEN is placed at the lower end as shown on the diagram below.
Place the cover stand neck back
7 The cables are now secured as illustrated below.
Cables tidied

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