Open Samsung Front Loader door mid cycle

Last modified : Feb 15. 2019

If you need to throw in that last pair of socks but you've already started your Samsung washing machine, check the steps on this page to see how to open the door during the start of the cycle. The washing machine door will stay locked until it has drained all the water at the end of the washing cycle. The door is automatically locked for safety reasons when the tub is filled with water. If the washer is showing an error code or the door is locked for another reason, please see the page on how to Emergency Drain a Front Loader Samsung Washer to learn how to manually drain the water from the machine to unlock the door.

Please note: The door may also lock if the water inside the washer is too hot. Do not open the washer door by force while it is operating (high-temperature washing, drying, or spinning).

Pause the Wash Cycle:

Most Samsung front loader washing machines will allow you to add laundry within 5 minutes of starting a wash. Follow the steps below:

1 Press the Start/Pause button to unlock the door.

Please note: If the water level or the water temperature inside the drum is too high, the door can not be opened with the blinking “Door Lock “ indicator. In this case, wait until the indicator stops blinking. Also note that it takes atleast a minute or two until the indicator stops blinking.

2 Open the door, then add/remove laundry.
3 After closing the door, press the Start/Pause button to restart the wash. To change a cycle, you may tap the Pause button and then change the cycle.

Please note: Water will be drained and a new cycle will start.

Check the Child Lock:

If your machine has Child Lock enabled, the buttons on the control panel will be disabled except for the power button. The door of the washer won't open - this is to prevent accidents with children. To deactivate Child Lock you'll need to press and hold buttons specific to your washing machine. Please check the full user manual for your machine for more information.

Common Child Lock release button options:

  • Rinse & Power Spin - Hold for 3 seconds
  • - & + (of Delay End option) - On manual dispenser models, press and hold - and + (of the Delay End option) to deactivate, and then press and hold the buttons again for 3 seconds to cancel Child Lock. The door will unlock and the Child Lock indicator will turn off.
  • Sound & Rinse Times - Press and hold Sound and Rinse Times simultaneously for 3 seconds to deactivate, and then press and hold the buttons again for 3 seconds to release Child Lock. The door unlocks and the Child Lock indicator turns off.
  • Temp & Rinse - Hold down both Temp. and Rinse buttons simultaneously for 6 seconds. The Child Lock indicator will turn off.
  • Child Lock: To suspend or deactivate the Child Lock, select Child Lock and press OK once to suspend it, or press OK twice to deactivate it. (In the suspended state, you can open the door or manipulate buttons. However, once the washing machine starts operation, it will reactivate the Child Lock)

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