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Last Update date : Jul 08. 2021

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Not too sure which washing cycle you should use in a mix full load of washing, or not sure what types of clothes should be washed together? With your smart washing machine you can easily come up with an easy Laundry Recipe for any type of clothing no matter how dirty the load. Using the SmartThings app, you can create the perfect cycle for your washing and start it from anywhere.

Before creating your own Laundry Recipe, ensure you have connected SmartThings to your washing machine, activated Smart Control, and that both your washing machine and smartphone are connected to the internet.

Note: To check which washing machine models are compatible with the SmartThings app, please refer to the "compatible devices" section of the SmartThings page.

1 Head into the SmartThings app
Launch SmartThings app
2 Select your connected washing machine
Select your Smart washer

Note: You may be prompted to download an add-on to use all the features of your washing machine. This may take some time depending on your internet connection. Once the add-on is downloaded, you will need to re-select your washing machine.

3 Select Laundry Recipe
Select Laundry Recipe
4 Select the types of clothing you would like to wash, then tap on Next
Select the types of clothing you would like to wash, then tap on next

Note: As you continue to select certain clothing, you will notice that other clothing options will be greyed out - this helps minimise clothes being damaged while washed.

5 Select the Colour and Soil of your washing, then tap on GET RECIPE
Select the colour and soil of your washing then tap on Get Recipe
6 Based on the information you have provided, you will be given the best cycle for your washing. You will then be able to review the temperature, amount of rinses and spin for that particular load, and be able to start the cycle directly from your smartphone.
Viewing best cycle for your laundry based on the information you previously filled in

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