How do I clean my oven?

Last modified : Jun 05. 2018

There are 4 modes to clean the oven without the need to manually cleaning. Please refer to your user manual how many of the below functions are available. 





High temperature thermal cleaning is initiated to burn off oily residues to facilitate manual cleaning. 

Steam cleaning 

This is useful for cleaning light soiling with vapour. 


Clean inside the steam generator to prevent affecting the food quality and taste. 


When vapour function is complete, you must drain the remaining water to prevent affecting other cooking modes. You may also use this function for general cleaning purposes. 

Please select from the following options depending on the type of cleaning required. 

Cleaning modes

Pyrolytic cleaningClick to Expand
1 Remove all accessories including grills, trays and side runner and also large pieces of residues manually from the oven. Leaving away large imputies behind can catch a flame as this modes operates in high temperature..
2 From the display panel tap the options in the following sequence: Menu > Cleaning > Pyrolytic and then tap on Next.
Display panel
3 Select a soiling level as your preference and tap Start. Three levels are avialable 1 hr 50 mins, 2 hr 10 mins or 2 hr 30 mins. This could vary depending on the model of your oven.
Soiling level
4 Follow the prompts and tap OK. The cycle can take upto two hours to complete as this is dependent on the selected soiling level. Allow the oven is cooled down and then wipe the internal surface using a wet cloth.
Follow the prompts

Please note:


●      Once the cycle starts the oven attains a high temperature and due to safety reasons the door remains locked until the temperature resumes back to normal.


●      Avoid leaving away accessories and utensils as these may deform due to high temperature.

Steam cleaningClick to Expand
1 From the display panel tap on the following sequence: Menu > Steam > Cleaning and then Start.
Display panel
2 Remove accessories and utensils and tap OK.
3 Pour 400 ml of water to the floor of the oven, close the door and tap OK. The cycle can take upto 30 minutes to complete.
Pour water to the floor of the oven
4 Use a clean cloth to wipe the inside surface to complete cleaning.
Clean manually

Please note:


●      Do not open the door as the water can be extremely hot and may cause burns.


●      While the oven is hot inside, auto cleaning is not activated. Wait until the oven cools down and try again.

DescaleClick to Expand
1 The oven counts the time of vapour cooking cycles and alerts you to run Descaling. You can run descaling function for two hours without going through descaling. However, vapour function will not enable after two hours of operation unless activating and completing descaling cycles.
2 Follow the prompts in the following sequence: Menu > Cleaning > Descale and tap Start.
Display panel
3 Follow the prompts and tap OK. Empty and clean water drawer and fill with 50 ml of descaling agent and 400 ml of drinking water.
Fill water drawer
4 The oven drains water automatically once descaling is complete. When the water has been drained, using the oven gloves empty the water drawer and refill with 500 ml of drinking water for rinsing.
5 Follow the onscreen instructions, and tap OK to start rinsing. When rinsing is complete, use oven gloves to empty and clean the water drawer.
Empty water drawer

Please note:


●      Do not cancel descaling while in operation. Otherwise you must restart and complete within 3 hours to enable vapour function.


●      Always use descaling agents that are specific to steams ovens or coffee machines.

DrainingClick to Expand
1 Follow the prompts on the display screen: Menu > Cleaning > Draining and tap Start.
Display panel
2 The oven drains water from steam generator to water drawer. On completion use oven gloves to remove and empty the water drawer.

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