POWERbot is not working or unable to charge properly

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020

Most of the issues related to the POWERbot are not considered as a device malfunction. It is recommended for you to check the following solutions before visiting an authorized Samsung service centre.


Ensure that the emergency switch is turned on


In order to use the POWERbot, the emergency switch on the bottom of the body must be turned on. If the emergency switch is off, even if the POWERbot is connected to the charger, it will not work because it cannot be charged.

Please Note:

  • If the remote control does not work, replace the batteries (type AAA).
  • When not in use for a long period of time for travel or business trips, turn off the emergency switch of the POWERbot and unplug the charger.

Check the display of the POWERbot


It does not work when the POWERbot is not charged. If the Lo code appears on the status display, charge the POWERbot by connecting it directly to the charger. When charging manually, pressing the body button will not work.

After charging for 10 to 20 minutes, the power indicator can be activated by turning on the status display.


After Partial Cleaning mode has finished, POWERbot will stop

If it is set to Partial cleaning mode, since it cleans only a designated area, it will not return to the automatic charging unit. After partial cleaning is complete, you need to cancel the partial cleaning mode in order for it to return to the automatic charging unit.

Please Note:

  • POWERbot loses its charge naturally when separated from the charger.
  • When not in use, always keep it on the charger.

When the POWERbot does not return to the charger unit


Check the installation location of the charger unit

It is recommended that the charger unit be installed in an open and easy-to-discover location. If the charger unit is installed in a dark coloured area or corner, the automatic charging will not work, and you will have to charge manually.


Install the charger unit on a flat surface and do not place any objects around the left and right 0.5 m of the charger unit and 1 m in the front. If it is installed or placed on a solid wood floor, it is recommended to install or place it according to the grain direction.


Tips to charge the POWERbot properly


Start the cleaning process from the POWERbot charger unit

When the POWERbot leaves the charger unit, it remembers the location and searches for the charger unit at the shortest distance when it needs to be charged. If the distance between the charger unit and the POWERbot is 5 m or more, it may take a long time to return.


Check the power and cleaning status of the charger unit

If there is a power outage or the charger unit is unplugged, the POWERbot will not be able to locate the charger unit and will not be able to automatically recharge. Please always turn the power of the charger unit on. Make sure that there are no foreign substances on the charging terminal, wipe the charging terminals of the POWERbot and the charger unit with a dry cloth.

Note: Please use a power supply that is 100 V-220 V ~ or higher.

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