Find out what version of Android OS my device is running

Last modified : Jan 10. 2020

If you're trying to figure out what version of the Android operating system your device is running, there are a couple of ways you can check. You might be trying to download an app that there is a recommended OS version for or trying to get an idea of what features are available for your device. You can also take a look at the page on How to check for software updates - however please note that upgrades to the operating system are device dependent, and you may not be able to update to the latest OS if your device is a couple of years old.


How do I know what the version number is called?

Q: Versions 10.0 +

Pie: Versions 9.0 -

Oreo: Versions 8.0 -
Nougat: Versions 7.0 -

Marshmallow: Versions 6.0 -

Lollipop: Versions 5.0 -

Kit Kat: Versions 4.4-4.4.4

Jelly Bean: Versions 4.1-4.3.1

Ice Cream Sandwich: Versions 4.0-4.04


The Android Operating system is software that is developed by Google, and then customised for Samsung devices. The names might sound like gibberish, but they're just named after candy and sweets following the alphabet.

Check the OS in the Settings App:

1 From the Homescreen tap the Apps button or swipe up/down to view apps
2 Open the Settings application
3 Scroll to the bottom to find About Device or About Phone
4 Scroll down to find Android Version
Alternatively, you may have to select Software Information to view Android Version

How to tell just by looking:

You've probably got your home screen organised just the way you like it, with a nice background and widgets - so it can be tricky to tell the OS just by looking. The easiest way to quickly determine what version of Android your mobile phone is running is to check how the Settings app actually looks. It's largely the same across all devices and it's one of the only apps that hasn't changed over time. Open the Settings app on your phone and compare with the images below to find out what Operating System your device is running:

OS 10 - Q:

Android OS 10.0 Q Settings

OS 9 - Pie:

Android OS 9 Pie Settings

OS 7 & 8 - Nougat and Oreo:

Oreo and Nougat OS 7 and 8 Settings app

OS 6 - Marshmallow

Marshmallow OS 6

OS 5 - Lollipop

Android Lollipop OS 5 Settings

OS 4.4 - Kit Kat

Android OS 4.4 Kit Kat Settings

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