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Last modified : Sep 18. 2018
Samsung Smartswitch

There are few different ways to transfer your content from an iOS™ device to a new Samsung phone:

  • Transfer via cable; with the pre-loaded Smartswitch app, an OTG connector and a genuine data lightning cable
  • Download content saved to iCloud™; with the Smartswitch app, you just need your iCloud credentials and an active network connection
  • Backup your iOS™ device to iTunes and use Smartswitch PC or Smartswitch for Mac to download onto your Samsung device
See the steps below for guides on each of these options:

Transfer content by cableClick to Expand

Connecting the two devices by cable to transfer information is the fastest way to get going with your new Samsung device; however you will need an OTG connector (that comes in the box with Galaxy S and Note devices) and a lightning cable from the iOS device that you know is capable of transferring data. Some USB cables are only designed for charging, so it's best to use the cable that came with the device.

1 Plug the OTG adaptor into the Samsung device
2 Open the Smartswitch app on your Samsung device

The Smartswitch app comes preloaded onto Samsung devices - but if you can't find it (normally in a Samsung folder) you can download it from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps

Smartswitch App
3 Connect the two phones with a lightning cable. You may need to unplug and reconnect the iOS device a couple of times for it to recognise the connection.

When the iOS™ device recognises the USB connection, there will be a prompt on the screen asking permission to let the other device read it's contents. It's important to select TRUST on the iPhone™ to get started.

4 Follow the prompts on the Smartswitch app to transfer your content
Smartswitch App steps
5 Once the app finishes searching your iOS device, you'll be presented with different categories to select what content to copy. Select the content to transfer and select TRANSFER at the bottom to start the process.

Use the radio buttons (the blue circles) on the left to select what content to transfer. If your content is larger than a couple of GB - it is sometimes more effective to break it up and transfer a single category at a time.


Please Note: The battery percentage on your iOS device will effect the completion of the transfer.

  • If you have over 15GB to transfer - your iPhone needs at least 40% battery
  • If you have over 30GB to transfer - your iPhone needs at least 60% battery
  • If you have over 45GB to transfer - your iPhone needs at least 80% battery
Smartswitch Content Categories

Once the transfer has started you are free to use the Samsung device as normal; it will run in the background unless you close the app. The app will save all of the content as a single file on the iPhone, and then transfer it over.


If you do not have enough storage space on the iPhone to complete a transfer of all the content you wish to move, it will halt the transfer but throw no error - if you run into an issue where the transfer stops at 99% for example, cancel it and try to copy one category at a time. If that doesn't work and you can't delete anything from the iPhone to make room for the transfer, you'll need to try again by transferring the content wirelessly (with an iCloud login) or by Smartswitch PC/Mac.

Download from iCloud™Click to Expand

This process assumes you are already registered on iCloud and are using it to back up your iOS phone. If you are not familiar with using iCloud, visit the iCloud setup site. You may also need to create an app-specific password because the iCloud server will recognise Smartswitch as a third-party app.

1 Open the Smartswitch app and select Wireless to begin
Select Wireless to start
2 Select Receive
Select Receive
3 Select iPhone or iPad to import from iCloud
Select to import from iCloud
4 Sign into your iCloud account. If your normal iCloud password doesn't work, you'll need to create an app specific password .
Sign into your iCloud account
5 Select the content you want to transfer, and tap IMPORT to begin the download.

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